Call centre monitoring and analytics.

Raise the quality of your customer interactions in real time and close more deals thanks to the first call reporting system that boosts revenue!

As part of the core Wildix business communications package, x-caracal is an evolved dashboard, which can be used to track your customers and leads, with built-in business intelligence tools.

With x-caracal, you can care for your customers in real time. The solution gathers data from the lead generation tool (WebRTC Kite or Wizywebinar) and the lead management tool (x-bees) to provide you with both standard and customised reports.

x-caracal is much more than an average call reporting system: it allows you to care for and control the performance of your sales team.

Companies waste money when they waste time. X-caracal provides both standard and customised reports to satisfy any requirement and lets you keep track of time-wasting activities.

Call center monitoring tools are implemented to improve customer satisfaction. However, there are two problems with most call analytics software.

They are:

  • Too heavy to install and to use (which makes them out of reach for SME).
  • Not integrated with the company phone system, providing you only with partial statistics (mobile devices of agents are not monitored).

Unlike other call reporting systems, x-caracal is:


Web-based and cloud-hosted, no installation is required.


Provides you with constant feedback allowing you to improve your customer experience.


Fully integrated into the Wildix communication system, and monitors all agents’ devices including mobile.

x-caracal Highlights

  • Real-time stats and actions;
  • Four types of predefined reports (distribution, answered, unanswered calls, agent reports);
  • Advanced search;
  • CSV, PDF, XLS export, PNG export for charts;
  • Scheduled reports & alarms via email.

WebRTC Kite

Wildix Kite is a professional solution for business communication based on the WebRTC technology that brings Unified Communications to the website.

Be available to your customers instantly with Kite and let them reach you with just one click. It’s really that simple. 

With Wildix Kite a website visitor can communicate with the company call agents via: chat, audio and video call, desktop sharing and file transfer.

Kite is fully integrated into Wildix Unified Communication system and it turns any website into an efficient marketing tool.

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