Work differently

It’s not a secret that new technologies, trends and expectations have shaped our workplaces and employee experiences. That is why so many of today’s business owners are desperate to acquire the newest available solutions ahead of their competition

In order to beat the competition & motivate your people to become even more productive, see the latest five digital work space trends…

1. Move to the Cloud
For better features, functions, portals, analysis, and overall experience, 90% of IT leaders will use cloud-based unified communications. This enables quick remote changes to be made without the need to wait for a visit on site

2. Mobile/Remote Working
About 1,6 million UK staff work from home regularly This means that companies must be able to offer easy communication and cooperation across various devices and locations

3. Real Time Collaboration
66% of employees report positive colleague relationships have made them more focused and productive while in the office. Features such as real-time messaging and facilities for file sharing help a great deal with this

4. Quality over quantity
1 hour each day is wasted at work navigating between apps & services depending on what task needs completing. Get the right products & services set up and maintain them to reduce this wasted time & improve workflow

5. Connection of Human & Machine
70% of companies (by 2020) will be trying to implement immersive technologies. These innovations can contribute to creating intelligent working environments consisting of both physical and digital environments

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