What is Customer Experience?

Why is CX So Important?

Are you fed up of impersonal services which take forever to get connected to an actual human? Do you hate when key parts of products or services are hidden in the terms and conditions? Do you scream a little inside when your delivery doesn’t arrive as promised?  
Sadly, we are all too familiar with these examples of poor service, they leave us dissatisfied and unlikely to use the service again and definitely not recommend them to others. Here at NT Voice & Data we believe that Customer Experience (or sometimes known as ‘CX’) is the most important part of any business. In this latest blog we are going to discuss why and what we are doing to create the best environment for our customers. 

Not Just Customer Service...

Some of the examples mentioned above are individual cases of customer service. Where the customer has an interaction with a business and how they feel after the service has been received. Customer experience, on the other hand, is the whole collection of services and interactions that the customer will have with a business. This includes every step of the process, including how they heard about the business, the communication journey, the product or service received, right through to the completion of the service.


In this day and age, with the internet providing so much choice, businesses need to be able to give people a reason to choose them and to stick with their services. Customer Experience effects the impression people have of your brand and whether or not they would recommend you to a friend. It improves interactions between the customer and the business and, as stated above, happy customers are loyal customers! It is essential for a company to be able to retain customers in order to grow and be most successful.  

NT and CX

We are constantly trying to improve our customer experience. Here are some of the things we have implemented to improve our customer journey… 

Our Website

Our website provides information about our products and our company with details of how to contact us. We hope it makes researching our services easier, plus we regularly update our content to provide interesting topic discussions and up-to-date product information. We also have a series of training and support videos to provide extra assistance or quick troubleshooting. 

Friendly Experienced Staff

We are proud to have received our ‘Partner in Customer Service’ Award. Our friendly support staff are on hand to listen to your concerns and cater for your needs. Our telephone lines connect straight to our experienced technical advisors who are there to quickly offer advice and sales assistance.

Expert Installers

We have an experienced, accredited in-house technical team who offer nationwide coverage. Quickly and effectively installing data communications services for your business needs.

Quality Products

Our partners, include names such as, Wildix, Avaya, 8×8, BT Openreach, O2, Vodafone. We take care to only partner with industry leading vendors so that we can always offer reliable, communication solutions so that you know you are receiving the best.


Our services don’t just stop at the install. We provide a dedicated account manager, available to help whenever you require assistance. We also offer a maintenance contract for peace of mind that if something goes wrong, we can be there to respond within 4 hours. No need to waste time with call-out-fees and finding an engineer – we have you covered.

East Midlands Chamber Members

We are proud to be members of the East Midlands Chamber who are connecting, championing and supporting local businesses, organisations and communities in our local area. As members, we support our fellow local businesses and give them the expert advice that they need to improve the efficiency of their communications.

Customer Feedback

We hope that we continue to provide an excellent standard of CX but we know that there is always room for improvement. We would love to know what you think about our services and also ways we can improve. Please contact us with any suggestions or just tell us about your experience with NT Voice & Data. 

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