How Does a Hosted VoIP Phone System Make Sure GP Surgeries Never Miss a Call?

GP surgeries require a friendly, prompt and efficient service. Patients are often calling with concerns and they want a quick and reliable response, therefore the telephone solution must accommodate these requirements. Read on to discover the challenges GP surgeries can sometimes face and how practices can benefit from a reliable, feature-rich hosted VoIP (Voice over IP) phone solution. 

A feature-rich solution for GP surgeries

Surgeries often deal with large quantities of calls, particularly at peak times. In these cases, queueing is a must to ensure all calls are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. In order to ensure staff resource is allocated correctly, reporting is needed to monitor the number of calls coming through. This will enable the surgery to work as efficiently as possible.

With a hosted VoIP phone system, auto attendant can be used to greet the caller, for example with a message saying that their call will be answered, and ensures they are not left listening to a ring tone. It helps cut down the amount of time patients spend waiting in queues, as patient’s enquiries for opening hours and other information can be answered- giving a more personal touch to the interaction.

Certain calls within a surgery could require urgent attention: the telephone system selected will need to ensure that it prioritises calls and that patients are not left waiting for long periods of time, particularly in an emergency.

A hosted phone system can provide call queuing which allows patient calls to be queued at network level before they are delivered to a handset at the practice. Comfort messages can be played too, which will give patients reassurance that their call will be answered soon and provide information such as opening hours.

Consultations over the phone are a good way for patients to communicate with their nurse or doctor, however call recording will probably need to be considered so that key information can be easily accessed whenever the need arises.

A VoIP solution can provide call recording which can be used to train and coach new receptionists, nurses and practice managers. Plus, the doctor or nurse has the ability to retrospectively record the entire call, should they feel the need.

Healthcare, Hosted phone system for GP surgeries

Other benefits of going hosted include sophisticated statistical analysis – examination of inbound/outbound calls can help identify the busiest periods to help plan for staff scheduling. Integration with industry specific CRMs: this can keep a record of call history and interactions with patients, as well as screen-pops on inbound calls to create a sense of customer service and care when answering calls.

PC soft client – presence and chat can be used to communicate amongst the team in order to help meet patient confidentiality. Receptionist console – helps reduce the time it takes for a call to come in and be transferred to the necessary department or individual. The ability to re-order the queue is important, as some calls may need to be dealt with quicker than others in case of emergency. ‘Presence’ allows the receptionist to check who is available before transferring the call.

What next?

We have highlighted how GP surgeries can benefit from a reliable, and feature-rich hosted telephone system, but how do you make sure you choose the correct VoIP phone solution for you?

At NT Voice & Data, we’ve pioneered very cost-effective ways to allow gradual adoption of Hosted VoIP that minimises investment whilst ensuring you gain all the benefits of this technology. From Sip Trunks to Cloud business phones, we can find a bespoke solution for your organisation. Contact us today on 01623 687750 or email

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