Unlocking potential with apprenticeships

Investing In Their Future

Investing in people. It’s a phrase we hear often, it conjures up thoughts of training, spending time and money in helping people develop within the workplace, whether they want it or not. 

Investing in apprenticeships is slightly different, as it is chosen as a path by the apprentice themselves. They enrol in the apprenticeship because they want to learn, and this itself brings numerous benefits for individuals, businesses, and economies.  

Apprenticeships provide a structured path for individuals to gain practical skills and knowledge, increasing later employability and earning potential.  

For businesses like NT, apprenticeships help cultivate a skilled workforce tailored to our specific needs, leading to increased productivity and innovation. Over the years we have had quite a number of apprentices, in all areas of telecoms. Our apprentices often stay on as full-time employees, where they continue to learn and develop their skills in their chosen area.  

NT Apprentices

Daisy, who joined us in August, is working toward her level 3 qualification in IT Support. This is a vital role within our business. 

Being able to provide an appropriate response to enquires from customers, while not bombarding them with digital science and keeping data secure while using digital technologies as part of our team, is quite a skill.  

Meanwhile, Chris has taken the role of field engineer, and will be developing his skills while deploying projects on sites. 

Practical learning this way enhances the theory learning required with apprenticeships, giving a rounder experience and deeper understanding of the reasons around why and how processes work they way they do.  

On a broader scale, investing in apprenticeships contributes to economic growth by addressing skills gaps, reducing youth unemployment, and promoting a more resilient and adaptable workforce.  

Learning the ropes from the very beginning and building confidence in their role brings both short term and long term rewards.

At NT we have seen significant benefits from investing in people, and will continue to do so as we strive to bring you the best customer experience. 

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