The Importance of Communication and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Fact: Communication is essential to life.

We use many forms of communication each day to convey how we feel, to work with others and to socialise. So, it comes as no surprise to know that businesses thrive when built on a foundation of effective communication. In fact, good communication has been found to have a direct correlation to higher morale and greater loyalty within companies. This in turn leads to improved work efficiency in a happier environment with maximised productivity.

On the other hand, miscommunication or a lack of communication can be extremely damaging to a company and can lead to significant costs. One survey by Expert Market during 2021 showed that 97% of workers believe that communication impacts tasks every day and miscommunication costs companies with 100 employees an average of £323,000 per year! 

In contrast, organisations with connected employees show productivity increases of 20-25%. 


Statistics of Miscommunication

Is there room for communication improvement in your business?

These are substantial figures that can’t be ignored. 

Even when good communication lines are in place within a business, the need to switch between internal and external communication channels can be a drain on your company’s time and resources. 

For example, switching between different apps for different purposes such as, Skype for internal calls, WebEx for conferences and WhatsApp for messaging can unknowingly sap minutes, which when multiplied across the whole work force can quickly turn into many hours. And that’s without mentioning the multiple subscription costs encountered in running these services.

This is where smart working and Unified Communications as a Service can help.

What makes UCaaS different?

  • UCaaS makes creating a truly unified environment within your company possible without spending huge amounts of time and money to implement. Allowing your professionals to use their time where you really need it.
  • With the advances in cloud-based technology you can future-proof your business and have flexible scalability options that grow with your company whilst eliminating time-consuming setup and costly maintenance teams.
  • UCaaS gives you the ability to meet the challenge of a work-from-anywhere world. Your team members can collaborate seamlessly from different locations as if they were in the same room by using one smart communications system that unifies voice, chat, conferencing and video.
  • Utilising a common user experience across all sites and devices can help reduce staff training and eliminate app swapping.

Simply put, UCaaS allows you to transform your data communications strategy with one provider for all of your communications. Using cutting-edge technology via the Wildix system, their Unified Communications & Collaboration solution will let your business work from wherever, with ease.

If you are considering how a smart working environment could benefit you and your business, NT Voice & Data are here to help. We can analyse your business needs to see how we can save you time, effort and money.

Contact us today and we promise to guide and support you through the process and offer a solution suitable to you.

NT Voice & Data Solutions provide telecommunications for businesses all over the UK. If you are interested in digital transformation and future-proofing your business, then get in touch today.  Call 01623 687750, or email

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