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Communications platforms are fast becoming the way of the future. By enhancing customer/employee experience and boosting productivity they are proving to be invaluable tools in the workplace. Plus, these services are enabling organisations to melt the walls of their physical premisses and take their business operations global with a ‘work from anywhere’ ethos. Not to mention, providing more features than a traditional system all at a reduced cost! In this article, we look at the two main cloud-based services, UCaaS and CCaaS. What they are, the benefits of both and how to decide what to implement in your business

UCaaS and CCaaS combine communication channels into one, easy-to-use, interface. To put it simply, UCaaS mainly focuses on internal collaboration interactions whereas CCaaS focuses on external interactions – helping businesses connect to their customers and improve customer experience (CX). Rather than work against each other, these platforms complement each other to serve different purposes.

To help you understand the two let’s take a deeper look at the services individually: 

What is UCaaS?

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service. The aim of this platform is to combine business tools into one service that creates a unified environment and speeds up work processes. For example, a UCaaS platform will usually combine communication tools such as IM messaging, video conferencing, VoIP services and collaboration features into one united service. Helping bridge the gaps in employee communication and team collaboration, eliminating time-costly app-switching

What is CCaaS?

CCaaS stands for Contact Centre as a Service. This platform plays a similar role to UCaaS but with the focus on enhancing customer support. With more and more customers preferring to use online chat features or social media messaging to contact companies, businesses today need to provide more options than just a telephone number. CCaaS helps combine these channels of communication and brings multiple call-centre services into one unified platform. A CCaaS solution could include features such as call queuing and routing, AI voice analysis, personalisation options, IVR menus, customer authentication, call whispering and survey tools. Plus, with advanced reporting features CCaaS makes data analysis easier than ever.

The Benefits

  • Time Saving – The biggest benerfit of implementing a cloud platform, whether UCaaS or CCaaS is the time-saving element. Currently, hours are being wasted across businesses dealing with different apps for different processes – change this and free up more time for helping valuable customers. 

  • Flexibility – Unlock the power of working from anywhere. These solutions allow employees to be able to work across multiple devices and in multiple locations, providing greater flexibility. 

  • Simplicity – Reduce the training needed for employees and use one easy-to-operate system for all your communication needs. 

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance – Upgrade with minimal effort and fuss. These services can be implemented quickly to suit your needs and require less maintenance than physical communication solutions. 

How To Decide...

Every business has different communication needs which is why it is good to understand what these services offer and how best they can benefit you.

NT Voice & Data are happy to chat to you about your business operations and advise on a solution to fit you. With over 30 years’ experience in the telecoms industry we specialise in providing valued, expert advice and guidance.

Contact our friendly team or call 01623 687750 to book a no-obligation consultancy session today. 

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