Training & Support

We help you get the best out of your systems.

When you have a new telephone system it can mean new opportunities and new ways of working and you can accelerate adoption within your business with the right training and guidance. To help you adopt fresh practices and processes, we include training on all new installations. All of our training staff are employed by NT Voice & Data and work closely with our professional services team to ensure all our training material is technically up to date.

Our training ranges from handset training, reception console training, contact centre software training and system maintenance training. We can provide training in all aspects of your new telephone system, whether you require training for your IT teams or general users of the system. Our professional services and support team can provide training to you at a user or administration level, or even provide a consultative service to address shortfalls in knowledge around the business.

User Training Videos

We understand the importance of training your staff, however we also know that from time to time this can become challenging due to staff turnover, your time and also the end users time. To help we have put together a list of key videos which can help you teams utilise their phone system. Should you wish to receive on site training this can be arranged by contacting your account manager.

Click the bullet points below to be directed to the video tutorials.

Wildix Products Video Tutorials

Collaboration Video Tutorials
  • First time access
  • Conference call
  • Call pickup
  • Call recording
  • Call transfer
  • Call transfer via BLF keys using Drag&Drop
  • Call transfer via BLF keys using Drag&Drop
  • Call forwarding to Voicemail
  • Custom geolocation
  • Web push
  • Custom user statuses
  • Call forwarding rules
  • Setting up BLF keys
  • Mobility extension
  • Ring only active device - select device for incoming calls
  • Continuity - pass active call to another device
  • Set presence of another user
  • Call intrusion (barge, listen, whisper)
  • Sticky notes: Post-It, Call me back, personal reminder
  • Drag & Drop call transfer on Touch screen
  • Pause call recording
  • Start a web video conference
  • Screen sharing
  • Two factor authentication
Desk Phones Video Tutorials
  • Identities feature
  • Colleagues' presence monitoring
  • Ringtone playback for BLF Colleague
  • Voicemail PIN protection
  • BLF Contact Center
  • Vision & Touch Monitor
  • Start a call from Collaboration to Kite user
Wildix Business Intelligence Features
  • WBI Feature - Caller name pronounced via TTS when calling
  • WBI Feature - IVR with Voice Control using ASR
  • WBI Feature - Personal assistant via TTS (Voice AI)
  • WBI Feature - Automated Attendant via ASR (Dial by name)
iOS / Android apps
  • Control W-AIR Headset and other devices from iPhone

Horizon Video Tutorials

Collaboration Video Tutorials
  • Horizon Collaborate Remote Working
  • Collaborate Client Part 1 End User
  • Collaborate Client Part 2 End User
  • Collaborate Client Part 3 End User
  • Collaborate Guest Client Overview End User
  • Horizon Collaborate Provisioning Beginner
Handset Video Tutorials
  • Horizon Handset FAQs
  • Polycom Chapter 1: Handling Calls (End User)
  • Polycom Chapter 2:Transferring a Call (End User)
  • Polycom Chapter 3: Searching the Company Directory (End User)
  • Polycom Chapter 4: Redialling a Number (End User)
  • Polycom Chapter 5: Placing a Call on Hold (End User)
  • Polycom Chapter 6: Making a Call (End User)
  • Polycom Chapter 7: Do Not Disturb (End User)
  • Polycom Chapter 8: Conference Calls (End User)

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