Top tips for a successful hybrid workforce

As lockdown eases, we’re beginning to think about reopening offices, whilst keeping remote teams supported at the same time. Below are a few of our top tips for a successful ‘hybrid’ workforce, so you can be fully prepared! 

The right equipment is key

Making sure employees have the equipment they need is incredibly important and can boost productivity. Those who work remotely will benefit from a computer or laptop that runs quickly, and will stay engaged by staying connected to the internet via unlimited 4G Mi-Fi.

Even making sure your employees have a working mouse and the right desk chair is key. For a successful hybrid workplace, you need to support every staff member’s technology needs; enabling them to be productive at home and back in the office. 

Be video conferencing prepared

With fragmented teams, it is essential to remain in regular contact with each other. One of the main benefits of video conferencing is that it can be conducted from anywhere. With premium video conferencing platforms, teams are able to have regular catch-up sessions that are far more engaging than traditional audio conferencing.

Furthermore, video conferencing allows more interaction than traditional audio calls, as the screens can be shared and the team members can really get involved, which in turn promotes a sense of inclusion that you simply can’t get from a phone call or email. Video conferencing can be used for informal team meetings, as well as for more formal meetings to make decisions that would otherwise be made in person. After all, there’s nothing better than a video call with your team to keep them motivated and engaged! 

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Choose suppliers that can provide flexible solutions

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught businesses that flexibility is key, and choosing a flexible supplier lets you scale accordingly to your business needs. At NT Voice & Data, we offer flexible contract terms, so businesses can increase the type and number of users as required, and meet the diverse needs of office and home workers with specific solutions. 

Communicate on one collaboration platform

Platforms such as Microsoft 365 or Wildix Collaboration are perfect for businesses wanting to maintain a sense of collaboration when people aren’t physically in the office. Making sure you choose one key platform for all internal communications, makes things simple and removes the need for multiple tools and apps. Employees can carry out their daily work in one place – whether that’s holding video conferences, discussing projects on instant messenger, sharing files or calling a colleague. Staff presence is also all in one place, so you know if a team member is away, busy or free to communicate.  

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Don't forget to maintain a distance

Even though it will be exciting for some employees to see their colleagues back in the office, it is important to ensure workers are still social distancing. Make sure employees know how many people can be in a meeting room at once, and make sure desk space is a 2m distance away from the next computer. Keeping some team members working from home and having allocated office days, will help keep adherence to social distancing guidelines.

Focus on wellbeing

It will be important to support employees experiencing poor mental health or addressing specific concerns and anxieties about the return to the workplace. Hybrid working may support improved wellbeing through reducing commuting time, providing employees with more autonomy around their schedules, and extra time for health and wellbeing activities. 


A hybrid workforce will certainly boost productivity with the right tools and support in place. By offering remote working or flexible start times, you’re allowing that time to be used more effectively and improving work-life balance.  

At NT Voice & Data, we are here to support businesses and provide flexible and competitive solutions which will ensure your office employees and remote workers can effectively communicate.

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