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Get Gigafast Broadband Speeds with NT Voice & Data and Faster Britain

Tired of inconsistent and unreliable internet connection at your business? Now is the time for change. As we proudly join forces with Faster Britain,  we are excited to provide lightning-fast broadband services to supercharge your business. Seamless, secure and ready for anything you can throw at it, Faster Britain is joining forces with local communications companies across the UK to improve the broadband connectivity of businesses like yours to Full Fibre.

Patchy connections and slow speeds should now be a distant memory as we head further into 2024, allowing you the uninterrupted time to focus on running and growing a successful business. If you are experiencing slow connections, network congestion at peak times, inflexibility and inconsistent connectivity then you should 100% be considering making the switch to Full Fibre. After all, why should your business be missing out on best-in-class full fibre that others take for granted? 

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Why Make the Switch to Full Fibre?

  1. Benefits of Full Fibre: Did you know that the average business broadband speed is just 73.21Mbps? With some businesses operating at even lower than this average. Your business may be all too familiar with these figures… However, you don’t have to make do. Full Fibre with Faster Britain and NT V&D offers faster, more reliable connectivity with high bandwidths, getting you speeds of up to a whopping 10Gbps! Which is crucial for meeting today’s digital demands and putting you in the driver’s seat when it comes to Smart Technology and AI improvements for your business.


  2. Are you Ready for the Copper Switch Off? The UK’s telecommunications infrastructure is undergoing a transition, with the impending copper switch off in 2025. Now is the time to join the revolution and not just switch to full digital communications but to switch to super-fast full fibre connectivity. Future-proof your business with Fibre-To-The-Premises (FTTP), the best communication solution.


  3. Not just Speed but Reliability: Full Fibre broadband means improvements and reliability to all aspects of your business. Allowing you to keep your business data and premisses secure with improved security capabilities and helping prevent against breaches. Full Fibre allows you the ability to incorporate new technologies and allows you to seamlessly scale and expand whilst using cloud services more fully. Which is even more important if your business takes payments, you can’t afford any service interruptions, so switch to full fibre to allow for smoother transactions and communications with no hiccups.


  4. Award-Winning Faster Britain: Faster Britain offers an open access wholesale network with a personal touch, quick installation, bespoke solutions, and commercial flexibility, distinguishing it from other providers. Suitable for organisations of all sizes and capabilities, full fibre is an investment in productivity. 


  5. Join the Government Initiative: Faster Britain is helping the UK government reach its target of 100% gigabit capability by 2030. The Government’s Project Gigabit initiative aims to invest £5bn to ensure fast and reliable broadband for businesses, supporting growth and recovery from the pandemic. There’s a clear disparity in digital infrastructure across the UK, which Faster Britain aims to address by levelling the playing field and providing gigafast infrastructure to every region.


  6. Movement Towards Technological Advancement: Faster Britain is part of a larger movement towards greener, more productive, and technologically advanced businesses, contributing to job creation, STEM development, and UK’s global leadership in digital connectivity.  

Achieve Your Communication Goals

In short, embracing full fibre connectivity us not only essential for staying competitive in today’s digital landscape but also contributes to economic growth, innovation, and sustainability. NT Voice & Data and Faster Britain can help you achieve all your digital communication goals and give you everything you need for today, with the capacity to handle all the tech and innovation you will rely on tomorrow. Built in. Contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements today.

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