Stop Sell of WLR – What We Know

The clock is ticking to the Stop Sell of WLR. Are you ready?

We know that we have spoken a lot on this subject lately but in this latest article on the IDSN PSTN Switch Off we will update you with all the latest details and what we know.  

As you are probably aware, any services supported on the WLR (Wholesale Line Rental) network are being phased out in the UK. This ongoing process has been announced since 2017 and is nearing its completion in 2025.  

It’s never been more crucial to be ready for the switch as we are about to hit a major landmark in this timeline. In only a couple of months, 5th September 2023 will mark the date for the Stop Sell of WLR. New Line orders and Transfers will not be available from this date. WLR services including Single Analogue Lines, Multi-Lines, ISDN2 and ISDN30, will eventually need to move to alternatives. The big switch off will also impact LLU SMPF, SLU MPF, Narrowband Line Share and Classic Products.  

What does the Stop Sell of WLR mean for my business?

If you currently have a communications system that relies on WLR services then you won’t be cut off just yet, but you may encounter issues when modifying or making changes to your services after the stop sell notice is enforced. 

Lets review some of the following things which will not be allowed following the Nationwide Stop Sell: 

  • Working Line Takeovers
  • Start of stopped lines
  • Migrations 
  • CP Transfers 
  • Addition to Broadband of Copper Voice Lines 
  • Bandwidth Modifications 
  • Addition of lines and channels to existing installations.                                                                               

These restrictions could throttle your business growth and cause major disruption in sales and service maintenance so it’s important to not procrastinate when considering your communication needs. All services will need to be transitioned to ALL-IP before 2025 to avoid your business lines being withdrawn. So it makes sense to make the switch now to protect your business. 

WLR Stop Sell

Upgrade Your Telecoms Today

At NT Voice & Data we have been preparing for the Switch Off to avoid disruption to any of our customers. Our customers can testify to benefitting from the migration, now supporting enhanced communications systems and the peace of mind knowing that their business telecoms are protected.  

Whatever your business, NT Voice & Data can help you switch. Don’t wait till the last minute! Experience the benefits of switching early:  

  • Plenty of time to plan your perfect solution 
  • Smoother transition for operations and staff,  
  • Opportunity to get ahead of your competitors and take advantage of digital advancements in the market 
  • Future-proof 
  • Avoid the last-minute rush where you may not receive the support and time you need 

Why not give our friendly team a call today for advice on the WLR Stop Sell and how to make the switch easily and simply. 

NT Voice & Data Solutions
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