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In today’s technologically advanced world, exceptional customer service can, and should be, the norm. In this article we take a look at how to provide great CX and how a simple unified digital solution could revolutionise CX in your business.

Put Yourself in the Shoes of the Customer

The first step to improving Customer Experience is to think like a customer. Why not think back to the last three purchases you made or recent business dealings you’ve had as a customer.  Ask questions such as these: 

What is my opinion of the brand? 

What influenced me to choose this company?  

Was the website easy to use?  

Was it easy to find all the information I was looking for?  

If you had to contact the team, was it a quick experience which left your query fully resolved? 

What could have been improved? 
Realising the details of a customer’s journey is a key element in being able to analyse CX. Excellent Customer experience anticipates the needs of a customer and proactively looks for ways to fill those needs every step of the way. Keep in mind – simple, effortless and frictionless.  
In order to really get into the shoes of our customers, every detail we can know about our customers is essential. This is where data collection comes in. 

Make Use of Your Data 

Businesses collect more and more data than ever before. From digital entry points to customer behaviours, it can all be analysed to provide invaluable insights into your customer’s journey and how to provide better customer experience.

For example, looking at the phrase’s customers use when talking to chat bots can tell you common issues faced and even what sort of mood customers are in. This can feedback key information to help and prepare agents, allowing your business to provide a smarter service.  

What about data directly provided by the customer? Data entry takes time and effort. Customers expect you to remember the information they have provided. Frustration can arise when a customer is asked to repeat this process.

Using your data pool to reduce simple data entry, such as, reducing the amount of form fields to fill or remembering payment details can elevate their experience with your business. 

Customer Experience

Bring it into One Solution

Digital tools are an essential to exceptional CX. The only problem is that can be hard to what tools to choose amongst a sea of products. Sometimes businesses opt to use multiple units to enhance different areas of the customer journey, which work well individually, but sadly when used in conjunction, can actually inhibit the CX potential and can cause greater issues along the way. Which is why we recommend using one combined solution for a free flow of communication that can bring all your CX needs together into one easy to use platform.  
At NT Voice and Data, we believe that poor Customer Experience should be a thing of the past. We have also seen how some simple digital tweaks to improve CX have made huge differences to businesses across the UK. 

If you are considering how to improve your CX why not speak to NT for a no obligation consultation on how you can achieve your CX goals: 01623 687750 or

Spotlight on CX
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