Speech Analytics and Your Business

What is Speech Analysis?

Speech continues to be a preferred channel of communication when contacting a business. Are you making the best use of your calls? Could you use this valuable resource of call data to improve your customer service and customer experience?

Speech Analysis is a key piece of software for any business running a call centre. This article focusses on its benefit and how you can implement it. 

How speech Analysis can help

We live in a data driven world and using data to effectively drive call centres is no exception. Speech Analytics is a tool that combines features of AI and Natural Language Processing to analyse each call and provide real-time insights to agents.

By listening to calls, speech analytics software can react to and even record emotion and intent from a caller. 

Make use of your business calls

Some benefits of Speech Analytics

Empowering Agents 

Real time speech analysis can supercharge the abilities of call centre agents, providing them with the extra insights needed to best deal with the call. The software uses a massive data pool of past interactions to provide a deeper understanding into human behaviours.

It can take note of customer frustrations and emotions to be able to provide agents with the tools they need to deal best with the current call. This data can also provide feedback to your agents, how they well they are performing and examples of how they can improve. 

Improve CX 

Customers want to have their issue resolved as efficiently and with most satisfaction as possible. If there are reasons that the issue cannot be resolved as quickly as you would like, then the customer wants to feel understood.

Speech analytics helps call centres reach the root of the customer’s issue and understand the emotions involved, and deal with them in an empathetic way. Personalising the whole customer experience, making the customer feel valued and listened to.  

Identify trends and Pain points 

Analysing call centre data can allow you identify issues which, if left undetected, slip under the radar. For example, say a lot of customers have been calling to complain about a payment method not working, they make the payment an alternate way but are frustrated they couldn’t use their preferred method. This data when shared around multiple contact centres and individuals could go un-noticed. However, by analysing call data the software could notify you of a trending issue – before it becomes a major problem. 

Save Time and Money 

With enhanced analytics displayed in easy-to-understand interactive graphics, you can quickly identify areas that need attention without having to wade through call after call. Saving time by letting the software collect the data and present it to you in a usable way. This can also identify areas which may be effective for upselling – making you more money in the process. 

Speech Analysis and NT Voice & Data 

If you want to improve your call centre and CX then NT Voice & Data can help. We can provide you with up-to-date, expert advice on how you can reach your customer service goals. 

Through our partners, 8×8 and Dubber we are able to provide businesses with comprehensive speech analysis for their call centres. If you would like to find out more, contact our friendly team at NT Voice and Data today. 

Speech Analytics
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