Solutions for a successful remote workforce

Businesses that have put in place a remote workforce, especially since COVID-19, are still facing many challenges. This is due to not having the correct tools to keep homeworkers aligned with the rest of the organisation.

These challenges can be solved by putting in place the right solutions and taking advantage of today’s advanced technology.

Keep reading this blog to discover the smart solutions which could bring success to your business.

An integrated cloud hosted phone system

Traditional desk phones are often being replaced by hosted phone systems, due to businesses wanting to take advantage of today’s super-fast broadband and mobile technology. Overall, Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems offer a more efficient way of working.

Did you know?

BT will stop offering businesses the ability to acquire ISDN and PSTN after 2020, with the complete switch off happening in 2025. This will mean the end of using traditional phone lines, and telecommunications will be entirely driven by VoIP.

Many cloud-based telephone systems offer CRM integration – this can be an easy way to ensure your teams can access the right contact details for customers and suppliers.

Unify your business communications all on one platform

Unified Communications ensures the best user experience by providing you with one single web interface to manage internal & external communication across multiple channels. This communication includes voice, video and data. This solution is easy to deploy and is extremely cost-effective. Further benefits of Unified Communications include:

  • Streamline daily operations, boost workplace productivity, increase employee engagement and improve customer service.
  • Optimise business processes and connect your organisation to other businesses, branches and people – worldwide. Video conferencing allows you to recruit from anywhere and enjoy all the benefits of face-to-face communication without the associated expense of travel.

A Mobile Service equipped for business

Making sure your employees are equipped with a strong and reliable data service is essential for efficient homeworking. Let’s say the kids just came back from school and are all using the internet, this may cause the broadband to fail. With the correct data plan, your employee’s mobile can be a potential source of connectivity.

Work smarter, not harder

Businesses who provide the correct working solutions to their remote workforce will ultimately feel like they are working in the room next door!

NT Voice & Data can advise you on the right solution for your business, which will result in:

  • Higher productivity and responsiveness
  • Increased employee morale and engagement
  • Improved collaboration, enabling new ideas and faster decisions
  • Better customer experience, encouraging loyalty and referrals
  • Lower risks of security breaches and loss of valuable information
  • Lower operational costs

If you would like to learn more, simply contact us today and speak to a member of our friendly team.