SoGEA For Your Business

Ditch Your Phone Line but Stay Connected

In our latest quick guide, we take a look at SoGEA. What is it? What it means for your business? And why is it so important right now? 

So, what is SoGEA?

SoGEA is Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. What does that mean though? Well, until recently if you wanted broadband internet to your home, you also needed to pay for a phone line. With SoGEA, you don’t. SoGEA is a broadband-only connection to your office or home. 

Why SoGEA Matters

By the end of December 2025, the ‘traditional’ method of making and receiving phone calls in the UK will be a thing of the past. ISDN lines will be switched off, so having SoGEA in place now can save you the panic then. In fact, some service providers have already stopped installing new ISDN lines. 

No Phone, No Problem 

You’ve ditched your phone line, how are your customers going to reach you? Voice over IP is the answer. With a dedicated SoGEA connection the internet you’ll be able to make crystal-clear calls using VoIP technology instead of a traditional phone line. 

Clear Connections

With fast internet speeds and no interference from a traditional phone line you can expect even clearer calls with SoGEA. And, if there is a fault there’s one less thing to troubleshoot or get repaired. 

The Perfect Fit If You’re Small or Medium

For small and medium businesses, SoGEA is an especially attractive proposition. Growing your business is the goal, but we’re living in uncertain times, so it makes sense to invest in a product that’s scalable. If you grow, so can it. And, if you need to cut back, then your internet access can be adjusted as needed. Of course, SoGEA isn’t just for SME’s, and the big-phone-switch-off will affect everyone. Big or small, get in touch with NT Voice and Data to see how we can help. 

What’s Your Number? 

Does the end of traditional phone lines mean the end of landline phone numbers? Not at all. When you move over to SoGEA you can either get a new number or port your existing one to ensure no interruption to your business. 

Money Talks

SoGEA can save your business money, simplify your setup, and future-proof your connectivity. Don’t wait for December 2025 to start saving. Talk to us about what’s involved in moving to SoGEA and saying goodbye to your phone line. 

SoGEA for Your Business
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