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In 2023, 32% of UK business were victims of some form of cyber attack. According to DSIT Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2023, the average (mean) annual cost of cyber crime for businesses is estimated at approximately £15,300 per victim.

How can you keep your business safe and secure? Surprisingly, just 49% of medium businesses, 68% of large businesses and 36% of high-income charities have a formal cyber security strategy in place. 

Stay ahead of cyber criminals with SafeWeb. SafeWeb scans and monitors the Dark Web, allowing you to take action and stay compliant.


What exactly is The Dark Web?

The Dark Web is an area of the internet not accessible through regular search engine. Hidden and concealed, as the name suggests, this is an area where normal rules don’t apply; cybercriminals can buy and sell data, allowing them to target both individuals and businesses.

Your data is valuable, and in the wrong hands, can be easily used to profit from identity theft and fraud. While untold problems can be caused for individuals, a data breach can be disastrous for your business.

SafeWeb can help your business avoid such a disaster.

NT: Cyber Security with SafeWeb

How does SafeWeb protect my business?

Simply put, SafeWeb’s Dark Web Monitoring performs enhanced searches of the Dark Web and notifies you if sensitive data is found. This can be passwords, emails or even credit card details.

You can then take immediate action to protect your data and your business and stay safe.

How does SafeWeb work?

Monitoring & Reports

 Dark Web Monitoring

SafeWeb’s monitoring system continuously scans the Dark Web for your company data, such as emails, passwords and even credit card details.

Real-time alerts

Using this information, we provide immediate breach notifications as well as monthly reports to help you stay in control and one step ahead of cyber criminals.

Response Team

SafeWeb’s expert incident response team gives specialist advice, supporting you and your team, whether you suspect a breach has occurred or need other assistance in keeping your business safe and secure.

Peace of Mind

If a data breach occurs, swift action is essential. Informing relevant parties, knowing when and how to do this can help mitigate losses in case of a GDPR data breach.

NT & SafeWeb
SafeWeb Support

Phishing Simulations

SafeWeb’s Phishing Simulation service sends controlled phishing emails that mimic real-world scenarios. 

Bolster your organisations security by identifying any vulnerabilities with organisational security, and help train employees to reduce risk.

Why Choose SafeWeb?

SafeWeb is designed to help keep your business safe by identifying security issues and helping you take action.

  • Continuous monitoring of the Dark Web to swiftly identify possible data breaches
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Breach Alerts
  • Specialist Advice from SafeWeb’s Incident Response Team
  • Guidance when informing relevant parties in case of a breach
  • Complete GDPR Compliance, simplified:
    • Customisable templates for GDPR forms
    • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Controlled Phishing Simulations to aid employee training, bolster organisation security and reduce the risk of breaches

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