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How to Improve Customer Experience with your Phone System

Your phone system is a useful tool for both you and your customers – It’s a means of vital communication and the opportunity to engage with your customers. Interestingly, one study conducted in 2020 concluded that callers to SMEs spend 20% of call time on hold*… How are you handling this time in your business? Are you making use of this time to engage customers with your services and products? Is it easy for your callers to find the answer to their query efficiently? In this article we will look at some simple ways to improve your phone system to improve your customer experience.

Help Callers get relevant information… Quick

NT Studio’s professional prompt recordings can help callers get to the route of their problem quickly. By useful IVR menus you can easily direct customers to the correct department in order to resolve their queries more efficiently. Also, by adding reassuring and empathetic in-queue messages you can keep callers up-to-date and informed. Therefore, reducing frustration and increasing customer relations.

Another great way to use prompts is to let people know about a current service issue. Phone lines can suddenly become very busy as soon as there is an issue like unexpected disruptions. In order to reduce call back-log and waiting times, NT Studio allows you to quickly write and implement a a text-to-speech message that will inform callers of the disruption and how you are planning to resolve the issue. Thereby helping to free up the phone lines and allow you to reach calls with other queries faster. 

Only share what’s relevant and up-to-date

Time with your customers is precious. If your callers are having to spend time waiting in queue, make sure to harness this opportunity to share relevant and up-to-date marketing messages and promotions. Customers appreciate the useful share of information, but not only that… it benefits your business! Making use of this avenue of marketing has been proven to increase sales. With one survey stating 93% of customers would be likely to make an additional purchase with companies who offer excellent experiences*.

Don’t Leave Out Your Brand

Branding is what helps people feel more connected to your company. Extending that brand awareness through your phone system allows your customers to feel a level of familiarity and build a stronger relationship with your company. The more familiar and memorable your brand becomes then the more likely they are to purchase. It is estimated that consistent brand presentation increases revenue by an average of 23%*. NT Studio makes it easy to extend your brand across your phone system using bespoke recordings. What’s more – our bank of 300+ professional voice artists makes it easy to sound local, wherever you operate, with one small monthly cost included in your telephony bill.

Contact our friendly team at NT Voice & Data today to discuss how NT Studio can help you meet your customer experience objectives.

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