Ofcom Regulation Changes – are you up to date?

Since December 2020, Ofcom have made various changes to conditions and modifications to their General Conditions of Entitlement, in line with the EECC. On 17th June, further changes take effect. Which are they and how do they affect you?

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Which Ofcom changes affect you?

As the UKs communications regulator, Ofcom works to make sure people get the best from their broadband, home phone and mobile services. They help to make sure people don’t get scammed and are protected from bad practices, and as such they regularly update their policies to make sure what we sign up for is what we receive.

Most of the latest changes and obligations apply to providers of public electronic communications services. However, as an end user of these services, checks should be made to ensure that your provider is up to date with the regulations and is providing you with the correct level of service.

Here we mention just a couple of the regulation changes:

Precontractual information (GC C1.3-C14)

Something we saw several years ago within the banking industry, was the need to explain contracts and clauses to contracts in ‘real English’, language that everyone can understand. This has now followed through to Pre-Contractual Information within our industry.

Before entering into a contact with a customer, contractual information should be provided in a clear and comprehendible manner, either in paper format or an easily downloadable document. The provider should also draw the attention of the customer to the availability of this and the importance of downloading the document.

In addition, according to GC C1.7, this Pre-contractual information becomes ‘an integral part of the contract’ and so cannot be changed ‘unless the parties to the contract expressly agree otherwise’.

Precontractual Contract Summary (GC C1.5-C1.7)

In addition to the clear language information, providers must also provide the customer with a Contract Summary, a one page document clearly stating the services, equipment, features, duration and renewal information of the contract. This is to be provided free of charge, and if it isn’t provided, the contract it relates to is not effective.

This summary is also ‘an integral part of the contract’ and so cannot be changed ‘unless the parties to the contract expressly agree otherwise’.

There are also changes in notification given by providers for various changes to service:

  • Notice to be given at least one month in advance
  • In clear language and on a durable medium
  • Informing the customer of their right to terminate their contract if they don’t agree to the changes
  • Confirming the termination fees for the contract (if any), any fees for terminal equipment (as appropriate) and termination date

NT Voice and Data have updated our terms to reflect these changes.

For up to date advice, our experienced customer service team will help you find the ideal communication solution. Don’t be confused, trust NT Voice and Data Solutions to give you peace of mind with clear understandable information that helps take your business to the next level.

Contact us today to find out more: 01623 687750 or sales@ntvd.co.uk

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