Is Your Business Keeping Up with Modern Workplace Tech Trends?

The Covid-19 pandemic rapidly changed how businesses worked – so many companies had to adapt, and they had to do it quickly. Modern technology had to be adopted swiftly to support a remote workforce. Now, many businesses across the UK have started to return to the office but it’s important that we keep certain remote working trends the same, as they were so effective during lockdown. Keep reading this blog to discover five technology trends we believe will continue to show promise in the workplace for the foreseeable future.

1. The cloud is here to stay

In an increasingly digital world, businesses are thriving using cloud-based technology which is essential for hybrid working – the preferred way of working since the pandemic. Cloud technology encourages collaboration, making it easy for people to connect and allowing greater flexibility and productivity. 

In 2020, many companies made the switch to cloud and discovered the huge amount of benefits. Companies will continue to make this switch enabling them to future-proof and digitally transform their business. 

2. Technology-based collaboration tools

Technology tools for collaboration and communication such as, Wildix, Microsoft 365, Google G Suite, Skype and Zoom, are now an essential part of modern working. These tools are easy to use and encourage seamless collaboration with remote teams through the use of audio, video and instant messaging, as well as file sharing. It’s easy to see why these tools are widely used by businesses, who need to continue to use them in the most effective way manageable. 

3. Assessing the new processes and developing an IT roadmap

Moving over to remote working practically overnight, meant many businesses rushed their adoption of modern workplace systems and migration to the cloud. However, to ensure that security isn’t compromised, remote working requires strict protocols for device management, data protection and software selection.

With the pandemic easing, many businesses are now looking to assess their new processes and finding that some rushed elements are having to be revisited and maybe rebuilt, with a long-term strategy in mind. This means businesses should be developing an IT roadmap as part of future plans to ensure that their technologies grow alongside their business.

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4. Modern cyber security measures

Businesses are realising that the cyber security that was put in place pre-pandemic does not support the modern workplace. Employees are now working in different locations and using their own devices, therefore will need much more intelligent and thorough security measures.

There are still plenty of organisations across the UK and the rest of the world that are putting themselves at risk by using modern technology solutions but not thinking about the high-level of security required to protect them. 

You can find guidance on the cyber security measures you should be complying to from government-backed standards such as Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. 

5. Managed IT support

Old-fashioned IT support services are now being replaced by managed service providers. This is because managed services provide wide-ranging support that actively helps and advises business on their use of technology, rather than reactively solving issues as they arise.

Organisations who are now adopting modern workplace set-ups need sophisticated cyber security measures in place, and additionally will need a managed service provider to ensure that future IT hurdles are overcome effectively.

Future-proofing your business 

Businesses that are choosing these new modern working practices, whilst also making sure they have intelligent security measures and IT support in place, will help future-proof their business, boost productivity and ensure success.

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