Mastering the Art of Homeworking: Strategies for Enhancing Remote Working

You may have noticed that more and more companies offering jobs that combine home and office work, allowing that fine line of balance when juggling different responsibilities. Whilst homeworking was thrust upon us during lockdown, now people are actively choosing to split their time between home and office.

Homeworking is now part and parcel of our everyday life, meaning improving remote or homeworking is crucial for both employees’ well-being and a company’s productivity. Here are some strategies to enhance the remote work experience, for employees and employers:

  • Effective Communication: Foster clear and consistent communication channels. Using tools like video conferencing, chat platforms, and regular meetings keeps everyone connected. Encouraging open communication and providing a platform for employees to voice concerns or ideas keeps projects running smoothly. Unified communications from Wildix and 8×8 give you this at your fingertips.

  • Establish a Dedicated Workspace: Just as the office is separate to home, creating a designated and ergonomic workspace at home helps to separate work from personal life and can improve focus. While working from the kitchen table might work in the short term, it really isn’t a permanent solution for home workers!

  • Flexible Hours: Embrace flexibility in work hours, allowing employees to adapt their schedules to their most productive times. This can help alleviate stress and improve work-life balance. A clear line between work and home time is beneficial for everyone.

  • Provide the Right Technology: Ensure employees have access to the necessary technology and equipment, including secure and reliable internet connections, laptops, and software tools. The right business mobile tariff can make all the difference, and there is nothing more frustrating that trying to start a task, before realising you don’t have all the tools! If there is an issue, offer IT support to troubleshoot them promptly.

  • Set Clear Expectations: Establish clear expectations regarding deadlines, work quality, and availability. Encouraging employees to outline their daily or weekly goals helps to stay on track. Don’t forget to include regular breaks and lunch, as these can easily be overlooked when planning your day!

  • Training and Development: Offering training in time management, remote collaboration tools, and cybersecurity awareness can help to avoid problems before they materialise. This empowers employees to make the most of their remote work experience.

  • Regular Check-Ins: Schedule one-on-one check-ins with employees to discuss progress, address concerns, and provide feedback. This helps maintain a sense of connection and support. Some companies have daily standup meetings (so called because they are short, checking on blockers and making sure everyone can complete their daily tasks).

  • Recognition and Rewards: don’t make it ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – continue to recognise and reward remote employees for their contributions and achievements. This acknowledgment can boost morale and motivation, encouraging further investment of their time and efforts.

  • Security Measures: Offsite security is of the most upmost importance. Educate employees about cybersecurity best practices, including secure password management and data protection, to mitigate risks associated with remote work. 
Homeworking Strategies

By implementing these strategies, your business can create a conducive environment for remote work that supports employee well-being, fosters productivity, and ultimately leads to a successful and sustainable remote work model.

This isn’t the end of it though, it is essential to continuously evaluate and adapt these approaches to meet evolving needs and challenges in the remote work landscape. NT Voice and Data can help you as you do this. Speak to our friendly team today: Email, call 01623 687750 or use our contact form HERE.

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