Designed to help your business communicate and collaborate with all of its stakeholders, the iPECS UCP is a unified communication platform brought to you by Ericsson-LG Enterprise.

This business telephone system will help the people within your company to be more productive and efficient, regardless of where they are located or what device (office handset, smartphone, mobile, laptop, desktop PC, tablet…) they prefer to use.
The iPECS UCP has Unified Communications capability built in. This means that your people can use voice, video, instant messaging, conference calls and visual voice mail, all from one simple and very easy to use platform.
You’ll find the system intuitive and packed with easy to use tools and features, and all of these can be accessed from the device of your choice, no matter where you are.

Supporting roles

The iPECS UCP supports many different roles within your organisation. For example:

"iPECS helps me to run my business, providing the service that my customers need and helping me to control my costs. Each member of my team gets the communications tools they need to do a fantastic job."

"The wallboard tells me and my team when we all need to grab the phones and the simple reports help me stay on top of costs and response times."

"I can take my office phone extension with me wherever I am as my smartphone is integrated into the system - this means that my customers can easily reach me anytime and colleagues can quickly see when I am available."

"I can support my customers better as they know what's happening if they ever have to queue. There's a simple announcement telling them where they are in the queue and the call is quickly delivered to the right person in the team."

"Being out of the office and travelling abroad a lot, in the past this bas meant a lot of expensive calls to the office and I've had to hold back on calls home to my family - but with iPECS UC technology on my smartphone and laptop I can easily call at local rates wherever I am in the world."

"Wherever I am people can still easily reach me thanks to my mobile DECT handset."

"It's easy for me to see what everyone is doing at a glance, and to transfer calls with a single button or mouse click. It's never been easier."

"Using the simple and intuitive web interface I can make simple changes to the system myself and complete handset moves and changes quickly and simply without calling for support."

"I use my phone in exactly the same way at home as if I was in the office. I can see presence and instant message quick questions and this is just like being sat with my team in the office."

Total reliability

Your business needs to be confident that your communications system will perform 100% of the time. The iPECS UCP delivers total reliability through geographic redundancy and inherent modular architecture. Bad weather, power cuts, transport strikes, floods and fires – whatever your business has to endure, the iPECS UCP has you covered.

Support for growth

The iPECS UCP is designed to deliver the flexibility you need. As your business grows, your communications can easily flex to meet changing needs without the need for more outlay.

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