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Improving efficiency, agility and productivity are key to staying ahead. Designed for the established small company and rising start-ups, our small business VoIP solutions are cost effective, actionable and scalable, evolving as your business grows. 

A VoIP call is a voice call placed over the internet rather than a traditional fixed copper line or mobile network. VoIP is quickly becoming the most popular way to communicate with businesses because communicating over the internet offers increased quality and much more flexibility over a traditional Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) solution.

Business Voice over IP can help to reduce the cost of calling between sites and can enable your staff to work productively from home whilst gaining all the benefits of being sat in the office. This solution is also perfect for growing business as it can be easy to scale up.

As the impending traditional phone line switch off by BT draws ever closer, the ability for businesses to acquire ISDN and PSTN will soon be entirely driven by VoIP. Read our BT 2025 switch off blog post to find out more. 

Speak to NTVD as soon as possible if you are still using a traditional phone line. We can make sure to prevent disruption to your business with our VoIP solutions.

The NT Compact Cloud Solution

The simple & efficient phone line replacement service.

As a small business owner you know that your phone number is essential to your business and you have invested a lot into it over time. Known to your existing customers and widely advertised to attract new ones, to be without it is unimaginable. NT Compact Cloud has been specifically designed to replace your traditional landline service using VoIP technology to deliver voice calls over the broadband network, all at a highly competitive price.

NT Compact Cloud can be accessed on a choice of devices including computers, tablets, mobile phones and IP handsets, or we can provide an adaptor for your current phone, so there is no need to invest in new equipment unless you want to. It supports all the key features expected of a traditional telephone line including voicemail, call divert and call hold, but without paying more, NT Compact Cloud provides extra features designed to make your life easier.

Make and receive calls from where you are rather than where the phone is ringing. NT Compact Cloud can be loaded on the device or devices of your choice including laptop, tablet, or mobile phone (whether Android or Apple) or IP handset. If you are logged in on that device, then it will ring when a call comes in.

Once you have signed up NT Compact Cloud is delivered immediately via email, so there is no waiting for an engineer to call, simply download the app or soft client to your device(s) of choice. Immediately start making and receiving calls and managing your customer experience.

No need to spend significant time learning how to access and get the most out of your NT Compact Cloud account. The user interface is designed to be intuitive and familiar in its choice of icons, and the main functions are on the front page. Plus, there are “How to …” guides available online accessed from within Compact Cloud.

Make instant changes in NT Compact Cloud by altering your call handling preferences and your availability with a click of a mouse. Changes are saved automatically so you will never forget to save them! And if you get called away by a customer, then use the ‘Set yourself to Away’ function to have your calls sent to Voicemail or to a colleague. And you can set your Call Management preferences from wherever you are via a web browser, so your customer experience need not be impacted by an unexpected event like illness, weather, or transport problems.

Store all your business essential numbers in one place using the Contacts function. Synchronise your contacts from your mobile phone, choose to keep them private or share contacts with your colleagues so you all have customer numbers at your fingertips. Use the Call Activity log to check the details of a missed call, filter the list to find a new client number, and easily add callers to your Contacts.

NT Compact Cloud - IP Voice Services

More reasons to choose NT Compact Cloud:


NT Compact Cloud can be accessed by your choice of devices including computer, laptop, IP phone, tablet, traditional handset and mobile phone. These devices can be managed from within your NT Compact Cloud account where you can choose whether every device should receive calls and therefore simultaneously ring for an incoming call.


If you are out of the office you can choose to receive email notifications of all missed calls or voicemails, so you never keep your customers waiting unnecessarily.

Administrator Control

As the administrator of your NT Compact Cloud account, it is possible to add, remove and manage the other NT Compact Cloud users. You can add or remove new numbers and any existing numbers that you own. You can also set your privacy settings which could include any numbers from which you want to block incoming calls


You can instantly set your status to Unavailable for a short period which is ideal if called away by a customer. This snooze period is returned to Available with one click.

Set your status

You can set your status using either a Custom status or one of the status presets including Lunch, In a meeting and Wrap Up. This is useful for short periods up to 24 hours

Simple Provisioning

Provisioning and management of your account is via an online portal so your service provider can make changes and updates as required.

SIP Trunks

For businesses that rely on the traditional ISDN, switching to SIP can deliver immediate cost savings.

A SIP trunk is a direct connection between your business and an Internet telephony service provider, traditional phone networks and other systems. If your business invests in SIP trunks, this will enable you to extend voice over IP (VoIP) telephony past your company’s firewall without needing an IP-PSTN gateway.

If this sounds complicated, all you really need to know is that this is a simpler configuration, which is both easier and less expensive to design, operate, maintain, and upgrade. Since Internet telephony service providers deliver services (especially long distance) at substantial savings, choosing SIP trunking for your business can give a quick and substantial return on investment. And since there is an option to retain legacy telecoms equipment when setting up your SIP solution, that investment is affordable even for the smallest business.

SIP trunking:

  • Saves you money.
  • Ensures your business continuity.
  • Provides flexibility.
  • Supports multiple locations.
  • Is easy to scale up.
  • Converges your voice and data.

SIP trunking offers your business a flexible and scalable solution for inbound and outbound voice access to a PBX. It allows convergence of voice and data across a QoS enabled network, which eliminates the need for ISDN access and the associated costs. It also improves security and resilience, and reduces repair times. The simplicity of a converged network means less interfaces, reduced hardware costs, increased reliability and improved efficiency. Simply, the business advantages of using SIP are endless, from improvements in productivity to network cost savings, from streamlining your business processes to providing new services to your customers. It’s no wonder SIP trunking is such a hot topic right now.

‘’Deploying SIP trunking can be a big step towards simplifying your organisation’s telecommunications and towards preparing for the latest real-time communications enhancements, but the biggest motivation for most organisations is immediate and substantial cost savings.’’

Microsoft Resource Kit Team

Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams integration

SIP Trunking is essential for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. Microsoft Teams is a popular unified communications platform which allows businesses to chat, arrange video meetings, share files, and integrate apps and workflows. Teams can integrate with Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite and includes extensions that can integrate with other products, such as Wildix.

NT Voice & Data can help you integrate Microsoft Teams with Wildix PBX

Integration is carried out via Call2Teams, a single sign-on portal for the creation of SIP registrations and simple mapping to Teams users. This means your business can call in and out of Microsoft Teams through Wildix, taking advantage of the simplicity of Wildix and the benefits the product offers. The integration is a fast and smooth process.

You can see more about the benefits of Wildix here.

Microsoft Teams - Unified Communications

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