IoT, Smart Devices and Telecoms: What’s The Connection?

In an industry that loves 3LA’s, one of our favourite is IoT – Internet of Things.

IoT is the umbrella name for a network of physical objects (such as phones, vehicles or buildings) that have inbuilt technologies that enable them to connect and exchange data with each other and other systems over the internet, allowing increased automation and functionality. This could be your dishwasher which has an app to control it, or your fridge that tells you when you’ve run out of milk – but, arguably more useful, it also includes your phone, laptop and your car.

Considering that in the average home there are multiple devices connecting and exchanging data throughout the day, what impact does this have on the connectivity have on available telecoms?

The IoT has dramatically reshaped connectivity by creating an interconnected ecosystem where devices, systems and services communicate seamlessly, this is by using various network technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular connectivity.

Something we take for granted is real-time data collection and analysis. Our devices continuously gather and transmit data, allowing the user immediate insight and to be able to take action, wherever they are. This capability enhances efficiency and decision making across various sectors, from the education setting and the workplace to healthcare and hotels.

Automated lighting, heating and security systems are also benefitting from the IoT advancements, whether controlling systems in an industrial setting or monitoring your home preferences.

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NT: IoT, smart working and productivity

Our efficiency and productivity in workplace logistics and management is also increasing. Connecting and interacting with customers and suppliers at the scale needed by the business, IoT systems are inherently flexible.

Without wasted resources, IoT can enhance security and safety by proactively monitoring both personal and industrial environments.

The telecoms industry as a whole supports the growing number of IoT devices by expanding 5G infrastructure, enhancing network capabilities and developing advanced data management and security systems.

So we may ask what difference does IoT make to telecoms?

The answer is right before us. It gives a more connected home life, a more efficient and productive work life and, of course, keeps everything running smoothly when the two collide.

To find out how NT V&D Solutions can help your business take advantage of the IoT advancements to aid productivity at work, contact us today.

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