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Password Protect Everything

All your digital devices should be password-protected. A tricky password or biometric login will make it much harder to break into your device. If your password is simple, it’s easy to open your device and access your personal information, which puts you at risk of identity theft.

It’s tempting to use the same password for all your online accounts. But if you are hacked, it means all your accounts are vulnerable. The solution is to use a password manager, that way, you have the security of using multiple passwords, without needing to remember them all.

The same goes for security questions – the questions you are asked to set in case you forget your password. These are very easy for hackers to find out, so create false answers and store them in your password manager. For an additional security measure, turn on two-factor authentication for any site that supports it.

Keep Computers Virus Free

If your device becomes infected by a virus or malware, hackers can use it to dig through your data and steal your identity or lock up your files and demand a ransom to return them. Running an antivirus program protects your devices. It’s also good practice to keep your software up to date with the latest security patches – you can make this task easier by configuring updates to download automatically.

Secure Your Browser

Turn off cookies

Advertisers use cookies to see where you’ve been and use this information to tailor the ads they show you. Hackers have similar habits and will use cookies to follow you around the web. These links teach you how to block cookies on Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Disable JavaScript

Another way advertisers and hackers track you is through JavaScript. You can disable JavaScript to keep them at bay, but this will stop some web pages from working. In this situation, you need to balance security risk with the disruption it will cause to workflow. If disabling JavaScript will protect your business more than it will affect productivity, then removing the application is the right choice to make.

Be wary of public WIFI

When you’re out and about browsing, be wary of public WIFI. Connections can be intercepted by someone else on the network, allowing them to access data on your device. When you’re working remotely, it’s safest to skip public WIFI and find a secure network.

Be Switched On When It Comes To Scams

Scammers are getting better at mimicking businesses, which makes them much harder to spot. So beware of websites, phone calls and emails that try to extract your personal information. Scams often pressure you to act. If you feel stressed, take a step back and ask to hand over your details later, a legitimate company should be willing to wait.

Only Use Software You Trust

After all, if you don’t know where your software comes from, you can’t know what it’s really doing to your device. Even software that looks legitimate can be a scam, so always choose your software and apps from a trusted developer.

And when it comes to apps, consider what they’re asking to access. Apps can ask for permissions to use various things on your phone, like your camera, microphone and files. These are often needed for app function but make you more vulnerable to hacking. If an app is making too many access requests, look for alternatives.

Train Your Users

Establish a strong culture of security awareness within your organisation. Train your users to identify phishing attacks, set strong passwords and protect their devices when they’re working on the move. People are more likely to act if they feel empowered to prevent cyber attacks themselves.

Stop Auto-forwarding Emails

Once hackers gain access to a mailbox, they can take mail from it as they please, using auto-forwarding emails. This can happen even without the user’s awareness. So it’s best to prevent this from occurring by configuring a mail flow rule.

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