How We Work

Putting You First.

Our foremost goal is to help you achieve success by using our smart communication solutions.

Since we were founded in 1986, we’ve learnt that the most important thing is to provide a service that actually helps you run your business in a reliable, efficient and effective way.

communication solutions - How we work

Why We're Different:

We Use Our Own Engineers

Experienced, Accredited and friendly In-house technical team with nationwide coverage.

Award-Winning Service

We have been accredited with the prestigious “Partner in Customer Excellence” award and we keep the Customer Experience at the core of everything we do.

A Dedicated Account Manager

You have an experienced account manager on hand whenever you need assistance.

Staff Longevity

The team at NT V&D are loyal and many have been with us for years, which brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We Partner With The Best

To make sure we can offer our clients trusted and impartial communication solutions, we take care to only partner with industry leading vendors.

Wildix Platinum Partners

NT Voice & Data partnered up with Wildix at the start of 2020 and we have already been recognised as their leading UK and Worldwide Partner. 

Wildix is aimed at small to medium sized businesses and brings together outgoing and incoming calls within an efficient, simple to use, interface. This is the first web-based smart working solution dedicated to companies who want to increase their productivity with a 100% secure-by-design system. 

Wildix, Cloud, VoIP Phone Solution Wildix Platinum Partner & W-FEX certified badges.

Referral Scheme

We love hearing positive feedback from our customers. The team at NT Voice & Data Solutions have a proven track record of creating innovative solutions that are customised to your business’s day-to-day running, while being extremely cost effective. We look after our clients throughout the entire process. 

Do you know a business that needs help with their digital transformation? If you would like to refer NT Voice & Data please click the button below and you will receive a gift as a little ‘thank you’ from us.

We're Passionate About People.

We know the key to our clients achieving great things is our employees achieving great things. In our opinion, employee and client satisfaction go hand in hand.

We’re committed to staff development and providing our employees with the best experience and skills, so they can offer our clients the best service.

From employee recognition, to internal development pathways and career progression, it all contributes to our extremely low staff turnover rates and happy workforce.

Voice & data communication solutions

Our Green Agenda

NT Voice & Data are committed to minimising the impact on the environment. We are proud to be partners with suppliers who are actively focusing on reducing their carbon footprint. Some of these suppliers can offer the ‘Greenest Minutes’.

We have been committed to reducing our own carbon footprint and plan on becoming one of the greenest and most efficient technology providers. This means over the past few years we have made sure to focus on our working practices and energy usage to ensure we are putting less strain on the environment we live in.

Our working practices include:


We provide office recycling facilities to make sure we are protecting our environment.

Car Sharing

We aim to encourage car sharing for travel to and from the office.

Going Paperless

We implement tech that reduces consumption, e.g. paperless billing.

Working Together

Overall we are working together towards gaining carbon neutral status for NT Voice & Data.