How We Work

Our Green Agenda

At NT Voice & Data, we are committed to minimising the impact on the environment.

Telecoms can have a largely positive impact on the environment. We know that travel is greatly reduced because of the brilliant communication technology we have on offer these days. This can make telecommunications seem like an industry with the least damaging effect of the environment. However, it is important to know that some telecoms networks can consume an astonishingly large amount of power, which in turn, impacts the world negatively. This is why NT Voice & Data are proud to be partners with suppliers who are actively focusing on reducing their carbon footprint. Some of these suppliers can offer the ‘Greenest Minutes’.

We are passionate about protecting our environment and we take green issues seriously at NT Voice & Data. We have been committed to reducing our own carbon footprint and plan on becoming one of the greenest and most efficient technology providers. This means over the past few years we have made sure to focus on our working practices and energy usage to ensure we are putting less strain on the environment we live in.

NT Voice & Data also recognise the importance of these issues for our valued customers. Our customers come first and we have experienced account managers who can assist wherever possible to help you meet your environmental targets. We know that ‘going green’ is a very popular subject right now and we know eco-friendly businesses are flourishing, especially in areas such as retail. NT Voice & Data understand that being environmentally friendly can benefit our customers, improve their PR, reputation and online presence, while helping to protect the planet at the same time.

Our Working Practices


We provide office recycling facilities to make sure we are protecting our environment.

Car Sharing

We aim to encourage car sharing for travel to and from the office.

Going Paperless

We implement tech that reduces consumption, e.g paperless billing for customers, electronic payment to suppliers, Direct Debit paperless payment for customers.

Working Together

Overall we are working together towards gaining carbon neutral status for NT Voice & Data.

Wildix Partners

NT Voice & Data partnered up with Wildix at the start of 2020. Wildix is already becoming one of our leading cloud-based telecommunication systems. Wildix is aimed at small to medium sized businesses and brings together outgoing and incoming calls within an efficient, simple to use, interface.
You can read more about Wildix, and how it is helping companies to grow here.

Referral Scheme

Refer NT Voice & Data and get a £100 Amazon voucher in return as a ‘thank you’ from us.