How Unified Communication platforms are helping Estate Agents become more agile 

In today’s digital-first world, businesses needs to be more agile than ever before. They need to be able to respond to customers quickly by ensuring employees are equipped to handle a constant flow of queries across multiple channels.

Unified Communication tools can address all these needs. Platforms are designed for companies looking to increase productivity, improve collaborative team working, and accelerate business decision making to better serve customers.

With the rise of online only Estate Agents promising to slash the fees house sellers face and the time it takes to sell a property, you could be forgiven for thinking that the traditional high street Estate Agent is heading for trouble.

However, by emphasising their expert approach, local knowledge and the high level of direct customer service they can offer, high street Estate Agents can stand out from the online noise and help sellers understand the value of opting for their services. 

Unified Communication tools can offer a number of solutions which can help high street Estate Agents remain agile, flexible, and most importantly, available, allowing them to not only compete with, but win against online only agents.

Unified Communications helping estate agents
Unified Comms, helping estate agents

Busy reception agents can cause challenges such as limited staff available to cover calls, which results in long wait times and frustrated callers. Unified Comms brings you Auto Attendants so callers can be automatically transferred to a person or group without the intervention of an operator or receptionist. DDI Numbers also enable customers to call directly to the person they wish to speak to. 

Estate Agent staff need flexibility to work from wherever they are – office, home, at properties or travelling between. Unified Comms work across desktop and mobile devices allowing staff to work from anywhere. Their work number rings through wherever they are, and remote logging, management tools and live statistical reporting is available. 

Unified Comms prepares Estate Agents for business continuity. As we know from the COVID-19 pandemic, offices sometimes need to close. Closures can also be from poor weather, flooding or other mitigating circumstances. With Unified Communication tools, information messages can be given automatically to callers to advise them of the unforeseen closures. Alternatively, a separate information line can be supplied that can be updated and changed remotely. Unified Comms also means employees can easily continue to work from home. Instant messaging and Outlook integrations make it easy to continue to communicate with colleagues.

Unified Communication platforms are evolving high street Estate Agents and increasingly helping them become more agile. Contact NT V&D experts for your free quote for smart Unified Communication solutions for Estate Agents and other SMEs. 

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