How the Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting healthcare

The Internet of Things (IoT) is described as a network of physical devices that uses connectivity to enable the exchange of data. This technology is currently being embedded in multiple industries, including healthcare, and digitally transforming and evolving the way in which these organisations are conducted.

Technology has been developing at a quick pace in the healthcare sector, even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Now there is a new age of remote healthcare and IoT is making it possible for new forms of medical treatment, understanding and care. This includes IoT devices enabling medical professionals to take on new ways to treat patients and trying to avoid unnecessary in-person treatments. Patient experience has changed dramatically during the pandemic, with patients encouraged to wait for doctor call-backs or arrange video calls. Smart thermometers have been used to measure temperatures, and wearable IoT devices, such as Smartwatches and heart rate monitors, which gather data that can be remotely analysed by a physician.

Healthcare, IoT, Communication, mobile, broadband, healthcare providers
Healthcare providers, IoT, phone system, covid-19

Frontline workers need to be protected, especially if another pandemic were to arise. This means there is a demand for real-time communication and remote monitoring, which brings an increase in flexible and competitive mobile broadband, mobile data solutions and cloud-based telehealth software.

IoT is evolving the healthcare industry and NT Voice & Data can help healthcare providers such as GP Practices and Care homes’ choose the correct choice of technologies. We provide fast, reliable mobile, connectivity and telephony solutions, as well as M2M/IoT data SIMs for monitoring devices.

Contact NT V&D for your free quote for smart communication solutions for healthcare and other SMEs.

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