How Can Hardware as a Service (HWaaS) Benefit Your Business?

Wildix is the first Unified Communications Vendor to offer Hardware as a Service (HWaaS), but what exactly does it mean? HWaaS allows businesses to get the solution they need, without the obligation of purchasing. No wasted investments, no worries about keeping things updated, no bonds with physical equipment – sounds pretty good right?

Future-proof your business with HWaaS

Most businesses value the importance of flexibility. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we know that situations can change rapidly and business need to adapt accordingly to stay ahead. That’s why more companies are choosing HWaaS when selecting their Wildix devices, so they can have the freedom to change their mind – the freedom of flexibility. There is no more obligation to buy physical things destined to become old in 5 years or less. Businesses can change their mind at any time because HWaaS is a subscription-based service. We know that these days, SME’s need to possess the solution, instead of the tools. Companies are able to change their goals and try solutions tailored to them, without being stuck with older hardware and software: without wasting their investment.

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With HWaaS you can also be assured to have the latest technology from Wildix, along with unconditional warranty. With an insurance policy in place to cover anything that might damage your investment, you can stop worrying and start using. There’s also no additional paperwork to fill out to activate your warranty – it’s automatically included when your setup.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for tailored, flexible communication solutions and discuss how HWaaS can work for your business. Contact us directly on or call 01623 687750.

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