How Green is Your Business?

Five Ways to Go Green for Any Business

Whether your business is tiny, medium-sized or eyeing global domination, going green is the only way to go. Not only does it make sense from an ecological viewpoint, but for a business owner it can mean reduced expenses, happier and healthier employees, and improved customer relationships. Whatever your motivation, and whatever business you’re in, we’ve put together our top five tips for going green. 

1. Don’t Go to Work – 

Letting your employees work from home can reduce your carbon footprint both at your place of work, and from the travel to and from it. Not every business will be able to let every employee work from home, but even allowing some employees to work from home some of the time can improve employee happiness and reduce office expenses. 

Best of all, working from home doesn’t have to mean reduced productivity. In fact, with faster internet and an upgraded phone system from NT Voice and Data, office-connectivity is seamless.  


Work From Home

2. Don’t Do Paperwork – 

We hate it anyways, so why do it?! You might not be able to get away with not doing your paperwork, but you can reduce the amount of paper involved in paperwork. Switch to cloud-based storage and online invoicing to reduce how much you’re printing. You’ll save on paper, printer costs, and postage, and it’s much better for the environment. 

Talk to the NT Voice and Data team to see how they can help you switch to a paperless storage and communication system. 

Green Travel

3. Lose Your Car Keys – 

Instead of taking the car to work, encourage and incentivise your employees to use public transport and car share. Of course, you’ll need to lead by example, so be prepared to put on your lycra and get on your bike.

 Encouraging your employees to drive to work less can be as simple as setting up an internal mail thread to see who is driving from where and when. 

If you really want to incentivise, then reward employees who take the bus by allowing them a little more flexi time or even subsidising their bus fare.  


4. Keep Your Rubbish – 

You know the adage, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, but now’s the time to start implementing it in your business. The first step is to see where you can reduce waste. Performing a regular stock take, having a good storage system, and doing planned maintenance and regular cleaning can improve the lifespan of tools, furniture, vehicles and practically everything else that keeps your business running.  

For daily recycling needs, make it easier for your staff to recycle by having recycling stations set up in convenient places, and communicating your green goals. When something has reached its end of life see if you can sell it or give it away before throwing it in the bin.  

5. Switch Off the Lights –

Creating a pleasant and healthy working environment for your employees can go hand-in-hand with some simple energy saving solutions. Start with looking at how you light your workspace. 

Whether it’s a warehouse or an office, could you improve the amount of natural light and ventilation? Doing so can help reduce your electricity bill from lighting and the AC, as well as making it a nicer place to work. If you can’t increase the natural light, then make the swap to long-life energy saving LED bulbs, and where practical install sensors or timers, to prevent lights being left on in empty spaces. 

Energy saving can start small with light bulbs but can involve longer term investments like swapping PCs for laptops, installing solar panel, getting an electric vehicle, and upgrading your heating and cooling systems. Many energy saving installations also enjoy significant tax saving advantages, so they don’t have to be as expensive as you might think.

Green Energy
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