How a Technology Refresh Can Transform Your Business 

Refresh Efficiency and CX

Is your company running as efficiently as you would like? Would you like to save time in key daily processes whilst improving customer experience? Sometimes a digital communications refresh is all that is needed to save precious hours in a busy work schedule. NT Voice & Data Solutions can help you to achieve this goal and more. In this blog, we look back at a recent transformation, where we migrated 2600 users across 294 locations from a mixed estate of existing telephony and contact centre systems to a single UCaaS solution provided by Wildix. We look at the benefits from the switch and how we overcame the challenges presented.

Working Around the Challenges

Environmental Concerns – As we all work towards a more sustainable world, Wildix Collaboration Softphone makes it possible to reduce the amount of hardware needed. Using internet-based software means that calls can be made through the browser reducing the need for physical phones and extra hardware.  
Employee Flexibility A UCaaS solution allows access to features such as screen share, instant messaging and video conferencing, all through the same instant and secure browser connection. Enabling everyone to stay connected, share insights and be on the same page, whether employees are from the same department or across the other side of the country. Therefore, reducing travel time and promoting a healthy work culture whilst improving employee efficiency and productivity. 
Service on the Move The client wanted to be able to answer calls when elsewhere across the branch – not just when tied to a traditional desk phone. The W-Air headset with Wildix has now made it possible for them to answer calls from anywhere, helping them to achieve a key target of 96.6% of customer calls to be answered within three rings! Users can access all the communication tools on any device, be it a smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. 
Data Collaboration By unifying communications it makes it possible to consolidate storage of key information. The client wanted to be able to share a single corporate phone book for all contacts, suppliers, and customers.  
Seamless IntegrationWith the Wildix video training experience, it makes it easy to pre-train all users quickly, allowing the client to train all new users in under an hour.

Video Conferencing

Some Key Benefits

CX Improvements 96.6% of all customer calls are now answered within 3 rings or 10 seconds. Inbound calls can be matched to existing customer records allowing customers to be greeted personally. 
Sales Revenue Impact – The unification of services has allowed for better reporting and data analysis showing a correlation between the number of outbound calls answered with offline sales revenue performance for the day. 
No Time-Costly App Switching By using the same application for all communications it has resulted in substantial time savings. There has been a daily saving of 1.25 hours, equating to an extra 9 outbound calls and an average of 1 additional sale – for each salesperson! The development of a ‘click to call’ feature was especially useful. Saving the sales and operations team members a staggering 2 hours per person per day. 

We're Here to Talk

Each project is different and here at NT Voice & Data we are used to the challenges that present themselves with each transformation. Often completion timelines are tight, and we are aware that a key priority is to minimise operation disruptions, which is why we precisely plan our execution to fit your project and budget. Some of the extra challenges with this project involved COVID-19 related delays and equipment shortages, however, with careful Project Management and contingency planning, we were able to mitigate these challenges with very little impact to the overall schedule. Throughout the entire VoIP project, no branch experienced a loss of telephony service during the installation process. We worked with the client to implement a temporary divert service from the existing number to a temporary number on the new system, removing the risk of downtime. 
This client quickly realised that there was more to a digital transformation than removing legacy equipment and future-proofing communications. This is just the basic benefit of a data solutions package – a foundational layer to enable technological and business advantages in the years to come. The future time-saving potential is huge! Why not chat to us about your company and business needs, our expert team of advisors are there to help and guide you with a solution that can start you on your transformation journey.

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