Intelligent Telephone Systems for Healthcare

Smart phone systems support the delivery of quality healthcare through solutions that allow providers and patients to connect and share efficiently.

The delivery of smart and affordable healthcare to more people is a primary goal of both providers and government agencies. The most common communications problems reported by healthcare providers are:

  • Long waits on calls being answered.
  • Missed appointments increasing waiting times and losing practices money.
  • Not enough lines for patients calling in and staff calling out.
  • No queuing or routing – reception has to handle all calls for nurses, routine enquiries and appointments.
  • Patients reach voicemail and are given alternative number out of hours rather than routed.
  • No record of abusive calls.

Healthcare providers such as GP Practices and Care homes’s can overcome these problems by choosing the correct choice of communications and collaboration technologies. NT Voice & Data’s hospital phone systems will enable healthcare providers to create a coherent and unbroken ‘chain of care’, improving patient outcomes at the same time as lowering costs.

Key Features of NT Voice & Data's Healthcare Phone Systems


Apps that let you extend your communication to mobiles, laptops, and tablets.

Automatic Calling

Patients can easily confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments.

Conference Calls

Virtually connect with your team, clients or suppliers.

Voicemail to Email

Receive voicemails when off-site, via mobile phones.

Call Reporting

All calls are logged.

Text Messaging

Communicate by text using your main telephone line.

Healthcare Phone Systems We Recommend

Avaya phone system for shcools, education, college, university


A smart system like Avaya’s IP Office allows automatic calling of patients to confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments. Missed appointments are dramatically reduced, enabling more appointments for patients who need them and consequently, increasing the revenue for the practice.

Read more about Avaya here.

Wildix Unified Communications


The Wildix solution is reliable, easy to deploy and flexible. Doctors and other healthcare staff can be trained very easily, as the system is extremely user friendly.

Read more about Wildix here.

Features of Healthcare Phone Systems

The chain of care often follows this path: the patient is seen by their GP, and if necessary, referred to specialists, admitted to healthcare facilities (e.g. a hospital) and ends up back in the care of their GP post-discharge. The importance of a good communications system is evident at every stage of this process. Features and benefits of NT Voice healthcare phone systems include:

  • Automatic calling of patients to confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments.
  • Streamlining the patient work flow through effective communications.
  • Optimising admissions.
  • Tools to collaborate closely to coordinate aftercare for each patient.
  • Minimising risk of miscommunications, ideal for typical working practices and patterns of healthcare professionals.
  • Providing full functionality of the practice’s system for homeworkers, enabling staff to work remotely when they are not needed in the surgery.
  • Reducing costs and meeting carbon reduction targets.
  • Durable and long lasting due to no ‘moving parts’ and less likely to break down than many other devices.
  • Healthcare providers can collaborate with others locally to achieve greater cost savings on the acquisition of their system as well as lower maintenance costs.

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