Free hotel PMS with your Wildix telephone system

PMS or Property Management Software is vital for the day to day running of Hotels and Guest houses of all sizes.

If you own or run a smaller hotel or guest house, you’ll know the struggle of finding a Property Management System that is appropriate to your size, while not being landed with extras that you don’t need – or want – to pay for.

In addition, after upgrading your telephone system you can sometimes find that integrating your current PMS with your new telephone system can bring its own challenges, however progressive thinking by Wildix removes this.

Wildix have overcome this issue by building many features offered by Hotel Management Software into their cloud telephone system, free of charge.

Which other PMS features are included, you ask?

Wildix HMS includes essential features such as:

  • Check in / check out
  • Setting Wake Up calls

Wildex Hotel Software included

  • Service Make Up Room (clean or dirty status)
  • Call Billing per room

Hotel  Software included with Wildix

  • Blocking outgoing calls from rooms
  • Reception Announcement of emergency calls made from rooms (this means that Reception can meet the attending emergency service and take them immediately to the incident location)


By using the software built in to their telephone system, hoteliers can now concentrate on doing what they do best: helping visitors enjoy their time away from home.

Does this mean that Wildix WebRTC telephony solutions are not suitable for hotels and guest houses that already use PMS software? Not at all. Wildix integrates with a wide range of  Property Management Systems, allowing hotels of all sizes to take advantage of Wildix technology. As Wildix Platinum Partners, NT Voice & Data are perfectly placed to help you find your idea Wildix communication solution.

For more details of Wildix telephone systems, please contact our helpful team here or by calling 01623 687750

NT V&D - Wildix Platinum Partners
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