Features and benefits of business continuity

The clever app that ensures inbound calls can be managed, no matter the circumstances.

What is Business Continuity?

Statistics suggest that many UK businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place to protect their business against data loss, network, telephony and operational outages, including power cuts, adverse weather conditions and other IT disasters. Of those that do have systems in place, some admit their preparations are ‘less than excellent’. In response to this, we have the ideal service called Business Continuity. The service can be accessed via a secure website or through an easy to use app available for use on Android, iOS (Apple), or Windows Mobile devices.

Who should buy Business Continuity?

Any SME business looking to complete its business continuity puzzle will benefit from the Business Continuity app. It provides a real solution to a real-life problem experienced by most businesses, moving your focus away from the cost of calls to the value of the service in terms of business assurance.

Business Continuity


• Take control of your main customer-facing numbers such as sales and support lines
• Control key individuals’ contact numbers
• Ensure that calls are always answered, no matter the circumstances impacting the business
• It’s flexible and lets you make the call routing changes for the specific issue that you are experiencing
• It provides great management Information through online reports that can track calls to end-customer businesses during “normal” and exceptional circumstances


• Performance statistics – See how many callers are getting through
• Call divert – Reroute calls on the go
• Time of day routing – Organise your day
• Day of week routing – Structure your business week
• Call distribution – Ensure calls are answered efficiently
• Announcements – Informative messaging
• Advanced call statistics – Track the business performance and find missed calls

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