Case Study: Wolf Safety Lamp Company Limited

Wildix and NT Voice & Data Solutions help Wolf Safety Lamp Company adopt hybrid working during Covid-19 by modernising their business communication system.

The world’s leading manufacturer of hazardous area portable and temporary lighting for safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres, Wolf Safety Lamp Company, were looking to adopt a new generation communication system. Their aim was to improve their operational efficiency and internal & external communication for better customer service and support.

Case Study, Wolf Safety Company Limited, Wildix, NT Voice & Data Solutions

The Challenge

“Our primary objective was to improve our external and internal communication” - stated Miles Jackson, Sales Director at Wolf Safety Lamp Company Limited.

“We went through Covid-19 with our old communication system that we had been using for 14 years. That system had served its time and wasn’t ideal for our remote working situation, as it could not meet the needs of the changing working environment and modern workforce.”

“We did a lot of business communication via email, therefore, previously we didn't feel it was a major problem. However due to Covid-19, what we found problematic was connecting with customers. We had to use our personal mobile phones, and apps like WhatsApp, which wasn’t ideal or compliant with company and GDPR policies. We wanted to change what we were doing in terms of privacy and security. During the Covid pandemic, we realised it was time to adopt hybrid working, using a modern, fit for purpose, communication solution. We wanted to be flexible and mobile, not tied to the office space – and Covid proved it was absolutely necessary.”

The Solution

“We made the decision to change our phone system at the start of 2021 and this is where NT Voice & Data Solutions came to the rescue. We had known them for about 20 years: they were supplying our lines but not the communications system. NT Voice & Data’s offering and support looked appealing, especially considering our long-term business relationship which is built on trust and understanding.”

“We saw Wildix as a feature rich communication solution that could offer us everything we were looking for in terms of communications capabilities and allow us hybrid working which is the route to follow nowadays.”

We asked Miles to share what made him decide on Wildix rather than other brands he could have considered and here is what he had to say.

“There were two important facts that made us decide in favour of Wildix and not other brands - firstly, the real time availability displayed directly from our website’s contacts page with the possibility to chat, call, video, screen share directly from the website. It was something that we had never seen before and it was the most powerful and appealing functionality that impressed us and made us choose Wildix. Secondly, it's been very quick and easy to set up the system for our staff. We had to do a little bit of work on infrastructure, as we previously had a basic phone system, but apart from that it's been a very straightforward and painless process.”

Wolf Safety Lamp Company have been using a mixture of Wildix software and hardware products since January 2021.

Miles said: “I personally use the Wildix App in most cases, my colleagues have gone down the route of using just the softphone on their laptops with headsets. Some colleagues in the office, especially the management team, are on the side of headphones, they still like the comfort of a hardware device being on the desk. But no matter which Wildix products we are utilising, the whole solution works seamlessly, allowing us flexible and comfortable communication throughout our working days. It's the perfect mix to combine softphones and hardware, with no loss of functionality.”

The Results

Miles shared his thoughts on the benefits for Wolf of the new Wildix communication system with NT V&D.  He confirmed that they had regained their pre-Covid efficiency and overcome the limitations of their previous phone system.

“We're getting better communication with customers, that's the main benefit. The system allows us to call not only within the UK but also internationally which makes our daily operations quicker and more efficient. We used to communicate by email a lot due to some limitations of our previous telephone system, but now, when we have a query, we can just pick up the phone and call the customer directly in real time.”

“Having an effective phone system is essential for good communications with customers. The new system has given us the ability and confidence to respond quickly and efficiently to our customers needs. As a business, we believe it is vital to keep close to our customers, and it’s always much better to have a personal phone conversation than to just send an email or message. Certainly, from a sales point of view, it’s very important to keep in contact and have good relationships with our customers – and it’s always easier over the phone than by email: people buy from people, not from emails!”

The project at Wolf Safety Lamp Company is run and maintained by NT Voice & Data Solutions, Wildix Platinum Partner in the UK. NT Voice & Data Solutions are award-winning Nottingham comms experts helping businesses UK-wide since 1986.

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