Case Study: Staffa Health Group

This case study explains how NT helped the Staffa Health Group improve the level of care offered to their patients while creating efficiencies and lowering their total cost of ownership.

About Staffa Health Group

Staffa Health Group is a forward-thinking primary care team providing GP services that cover Tibshelf, Holmewood, Pilsley, Stonebroom, and surrounding areas.

Staffa constantly strives to improve its service with a view to offering the best healthcare possible using the resources available to them.

One of their primary goals is to provide patients with the advice and information they need to achieve and maintain better health. To achieve this goal over a wide area with thousands of patients, an efficient practice with strong communications is essential.

Business need

For a large number of patients in the United Kingdom, calling in to their local GP surgery means dialing one single main number, which often doesn’t route their call to the part of the surgery they require. This wastes both the patient’s time, and that of surgery staff. Staffa Health Group wanted a better system, knowing that if they provided local numbers, they would be able to give their patients the knowledge that their calls were being routed immediately to the desired part of the surgery.

How was this possible? By utilising the powerful features of the Avaya IP Office 500 telephone system.

The solution

Implemented by NT Voice and Data’s skilled team at Staffa’s Chesterfield-area surgery, the Avaya IP Office 500 telephone system was a critical choice for the Staffa Health Group, because as well as providing geographically based numbers, they were also able to improve the general patient experience while lowering their overall total cost of ownership.  Further, their choice ensured the solution implemented was both scalable and sufficiently dynamic to meet the needs of the ever-growing business.

Mark Beardsley of NT Voice and Data said:

"By implementing Avaya IP Office 500, NT Voice and Data helped Staffa Health Group to maximise their communications potential to ensure each patient gets a top-notch experience every time they call. In addition, Staffa Health Group can look forward to a lower TCO with Avaya than with the other systems that they evaluated."


Staffa’s Practice Manager Valerie Beattie was keen to offer an update on how the Avaya IP Office has benefited the Group so far:

"We’ve already had excellent feedback by patients on our geographical number system, which helps ensure that each patient goes right to the appropriate staffer who can help them best. We believe that prevention is better than cure. As well as offering healthcare when it is needed, we aim to work with the community to try to prevent problems from occurring so that the need for our crisis services will decrease and the people we serve at Staffa Health Group will enjoy a better standard of health. Communications are critical to that endeavor, and we’re pleased to be using Avaya to ensure our communications are as top-notch as the care we provide at Staffa Health Group.."

Of the popular telephone system, Simon Culmer, Avaya’s Managing Director for the UK and Ireland, said:

"In healthcare, communications are critical to the overall experience – and literally can be a lifeline for patients. Staffa Health Group is demonstrating leadership in the healthcare field by choosing Avaya IP Office on which to base its communications, ensuring the best possible patient experience."