Case Study: Rimmer Bros

Rimmer Bros Celebrates Tech Journey with Trusted Support from NT Voice & Data Solutions

Established in 1982, Rimmer Bros is the UK’s leading family run car parts and accessories supplier, specialising in British cars such as Triumph, MG, Rover, Mini, Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar. NT Voice & Data Solutions has helped this well-established British auto parts company for over twenty years, supporting them with their technology journey and becoming their trusted comms advisors.

Case Study, Rimmer Bros, tech journey

The Challenge

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, Rimmer Bros needed an efficient communication solution that would allow them to manage their customers and colleagues’ communications whilst some team members worked remotely. The technology needed to be easy for staff to adopt. This can be a difficult proposition for small to medium sized business so, more than ever, Rimmer Bros needed bespoke support for their unique needs. 

The Solution

Richard Caunt, General Manager at Rimmer Bros, explains how NT V&D have always gone above and beyond when they’ve needed support in the past and why it was an obvious choice to engage with NT V&D to manage their home working needs.

“We once had a really serious technical fault and the team at NT V&D handled the problem so brilliantly, we would not work with any other comms company!”

Richard was thrilled that more than 20 staff were able to have a home working solution that includes a Multimedia Contact Centre. He explained how switching to their solution ensured constant availability from the home office.

“Media-specific skills-based routing, advanced reporting and call queuing features are just some of the ways in which our communication systems have made everything seamless", says Richard.

The multimedia Contact Centre has brought all media into one channel and includes Voice, Email which is integrated with office 365, and Web Chat.

“Now our specialists can communicate via Text, IM, Email & Voice through a single, easy to use interface and had made it easy for the contact centre personnel to multitask.”

The Results

The new solution has helped support and efficiently manage their considerable rise in sales over the past year.

“Now we can see advanced reports, we can manage our time better and work from home more efficiently. As well as this, NT V&D has set us up with a tailored Disaster Recovery Solution, which backs up our internet connectivity which is business critical. If we lose our phones or internet, we lose out on our sales, which drives the business.”

Richard further comments,

“This has been an amazing and seamless transition and ensured most employees could work from home effectively. Overall, NT Voice & Data Solutions and our internal IT structure has consistently helped our journey of tech growth, making sure we have the latest and easiest to use technology. They are professionals and we have developed a great relationship over the years and they know everything about what we do and how we work. NT V&D have the talent to match the latest products, allowing Rimmer Bros to deliver. If there is ever a communication provider you should partner with, you should choose NT Voice & Data Solutions”.

We provide the complete communication solution for businesses across the UK. We can help set you up with super-fast internet for home or hybrid working. In addition, we can provide the latest cloud phone systems. Therefore, if you are interested in a smart working, make sure to get in touch with our experts today. Call 01623 687750, or email

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