Case Study: People Counting

NT Voice & Data partners with People Counting by Axiomatic to overcome device connectivity challenges and improve overall efficiency and user experience.

People Counting by Axiomatic offer a flexible range of cost-effective people counting solutions to meet the footfall data needs of businesses across multiple sectors.

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Their solutions encompass a variety of Technologies – from overhead thermal and video people counters, wall mounted infrared beam counters, to desk sensors. They also provide more complete solutions: such as space management for office environments, Space Auditing tools for higher education institutions, as well as complete HVAC control systems.

People Counting pride themselves on building strong partnerships with a network of industry experts and specialist manufacturers to ensure they can bring the right expertise to every situation.

The Challenge

People Counting faced difficulties in connecting people counting devices to the corporate network due to the impracticality of structured cabling or security constraints. 

NT Voice & Data working together with People Counting was able to provide a solution with the deployment of IoT M2M SIMs, providing reliable internet connectivity to the devices through an M2M gateway. This approach facilitated data collection, storage in cloud services, and remote modification of device settings.

The Solution

There were 3 main objective areas with this project including Rooftop Terrace Monitoring, Medical Centre Demand Analysis and Distribution/Smart Building Optimization. We will discuss the solutions to each of the areas below:

  • Rooftop Terrace Monitoring – The use of IoT M2M SIMs enabled real-time data collection, allowing the system to interface with access control systems. Advising users of occupancy levels, employing local visual indicators like traffic lights or smart displays. This allowed for efficient utilisation of the terrace space, which prevented overcrowding and enhanced user experience.

  • Medical Centre Demand Analysis – People counting systems utilising M2M SIMs provided insightful data for practice leadership teams to gauge service demand within an isolated medical centre. This improved service planning and resource allocation based on accurate occupancy data.

  • Distribution Centre Smart Bidding Optimisation – This occupancy system, powered by Multi-Network SIMs, reports on planned and actual service use, allowing the identification of areas for operational improvement. This led to efficient space utilisation, reduced energy consumption and overall improved operational effectiveness.

The Results

People Counting now benefit from:

  • Remote Device Management – The M2M gateway facilitates remote modification of device settings, allowing for real-time adjustments without physical intervention.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making – The collected data, stored in cloud services, provides a foundation for informed decision-making in various sectors, from optimizing building occupancy to managing medical centre services efficiently.

  • Adaptability Across Use Cases – Multi-Network SIMs demonstrate versatility by addressing connectivity challenges across diverse applications, from hospitality and healthcare to distribution centres.

The successful deployment of Multi-Network SIMs in IoT M2M solutions has proven to be a robust strategy for overcoming connectivity challenges. People Counting achieved seamless data collection, remote device management, and improved decision-making across multiple use cases. 

This case study showcases the adaptability and effectiveness of Multi-Network SIMs in diverse IoT scenarios, providing a foundation for future deployments in similar contexts.

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