NT Voice & Data reduce costs for Jelson Homes by 70%.

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Jelson Homes is a family-run business that has been building beautiful, good quality homes for over 130 years. The company is very proud of their Leicestershire roots, and this is where you will find their Head Office located. Jelson’s wonderful housing developments are built across the whole of England, including Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Northampton, Derbyshire and more

The Challenges

  • Difficult to control a variety of different tariffs
  • Managing different end of contract dates proved challenging
  • Losing network coverage amongst remote workforce
  • Mobile usage was not monitored, resulting in additional out of bundle costs.

The company’s mobile solution proved challenging with over 300 mobile phone users varying from builders, site managers, sales agents to Directors they had to manage an array of different tariffs in order to attempt to control costs.

The Solution

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Bespoke flexible tariff tailored to each user
  • Proactive alarms to manage usage.

Jelson Homes took control and recruited NT Voice & Data to advise them on a streamlined mobile solution. The move to the new solution was seamless because Jelson Homes could migrate across in a phased approach to a Co-Term agreement, with the end objective to have similar end dates or the same contract end date to simplify costs and management. 

“One of the most satisfying parts of the service we provide at NT Voice & Data is to be able to see that we’ve delivered on the objectives we’d set out to achieve and added real value to the Mobile Services being used at Jelson Homes” comments Mark from NT Voice & Data.

Controlling Usage and Costs

Flexibility was key in enabling the home builder to manage their mobile phones across a flexible tariff to suit each type of user. If any employees did go over their quota then a pro-active alarm is set off to prohibit them from using their phone and prevent any out of bundle usage, therefore reducing costs. Jelson Homes could then request more usage from NT Voice & Data if required.

Covering all Networks

Jelson Homes has a large mobile workforce that are based throughout the East Midlands and around the UK so mobile networks are often stronger and weaker depending upon the area you are in. NT Voice and Data has the ability to provide access to Vodafone, EE and O2 and you can change networks seamlessly when needed.

A Single Portal

Since deploying the mobile solution from NT Voice & Data, Jelson Homes can manage its mobile solution more effectively. The flexible billing platform enables them to cost centre the different divisions within the Jelson Group that are on the mobile account ensuring that all costs are allocated and monitored more effectively.

The portal also enables them to manage their mobile solution to ensure that users are not downloading applications onto their phones that haven’t been approved by Jelsons.

The Results

  • Reduced costs by 70%
  • Introduced flexible tariff for each type of user enabled more control
  • Providing mobiles from Vodafone, O2 and EE to ensure everyone has full coverage
  • Flexible Billing platform enables them to retain control of costs.

“We are delighted with NT Voice & Data’s professional service, and with the mobile solution and with their proactive account management we have reduced costs by 70%. We are now safe in the knowledge that we will get access to the best tariffs available,” concludes Julian from Jelson Homes.

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