Benefits of Super-Fast Broadband for Your Small Business

The internet is now an essential part of every modern business, large or small. Its critical businesses are choosing broadband that is reliable and secure, as poor-quality internet connectivity spells bad news for businesses, resulting in potential loss of customers and sales. This is why many businesses are choosing Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP), to guarantee cost-effective, ultra-fast connectivity. If your small business has yet to make the switch, we’ve listed the benefits of full fibre broadband and how it can accelerate your business.

Ultra-Fast Speeds That Boost Productivity

Fast is good, but super-fast is better. Cloud-based applications such as Dropbox, Salesforce and even Spotify (we all need that office playlist!), are now part of daily life. The amount we use them makes fast data connection a necessity for living in the digital age. Even a few seconds delay in loading internet pages can decrease productivity. Full fibre internet is at least 5x fast than standard FTTC. This super-fast internet is available even at peak times. Therefore, the more speed you have, the more businesses can do.

Reliable & Resilient

Businesses are reliant on the internet more than ever; therefore, reliable and consistent connection is a must. With FTTP businesses can stream, video conference and work online all at the same time.

It’s important that smaller companies spend their time looking after their growing business rather than worrying about the internet crashing, therefore super-fast, full fibre internet is the perfect solution for businesses who want to guarantee reliable connectivity.

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Multiple Users Supported

Even just a few employees using the internet at the same time can sometimes slow down the service, which is particularly harmful for smaller businesses, who need all their key staff available online. Therefore, having super-fast internet can make sure multiple individuals are supported when using the same internet connection. Faster internet can be especially important if you have employees who may be using multiple devices throughout the working day. If your company has several employees all needing access to common cloud services and applications, anything less than full fibre internet will probably not meet the needs of the business.


Businesses, large or small, are no longer based on one single site. Remote and hybrid working isn’t going anywhere making fibre the ideal, robust platform to take advantage of for cloud systems, VoIP phones and hosted services. Reliable, super-fast internet speeds mean your team can work seamlessly wherever they are. 

Minimises Stress

A slow connection can be frustrating – we have all been there! Slow business broadband will certainly increase the worry that work won’t get done in a timely manner. As a result, a reliable and fast internet connection will promote a confident & calm work environment.


All of the benefits of super-fast internet can help to increase savings for your business. Working faster with fewer connection worries can help improve customer service & speed up sales for most businesses.

Small businesses must take advantage and utilise the power of full fibre internet. No matter your requirements, we have a range of solutions to suit all businesses. Our team are on hand to provide you with a quote, or just some free impartial advice. Request a quote, or call us today on 01623 687750.

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