Benefits of a hosted phone system

Is your phone system holding you back or helping you fly?

Is your phone system helping you fly?

Unleash the true potential of your business with a hosted phone system.

Most businesses are now moving away from the traditional PBX, transitioning to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which uses the Internet to transmit calls. 

In an increasingly digital world, businesses are thriving using cloud-based technology. Traditional on-premise phone systems no longer match the needs of today’s modern businesses. We are now living in the age of Cloud Communications and you must make sure you are not leaving your business behind. 

The Top Six Benefits of Cloud Communications:

Clouds representing the 'Cloud Phone System'

Expand your opportunities

Cloud Communications enable you to expand your opportunities. By choosing cloud, your business can be free from the constraints of a physical location and a fixed workforce. 

Ensure seamless experiences

You can now integrate multiple communications and collaboration services into a single solution, enabling you to deliver the seamless experiences that your employees and your customers increasingly expect.

Work smarter, anywhere

Enabling access to all the information and tools your employees need – anywhere and anytime – Cloud Communications can significantly improve your people’s productivity.

Stay ahead with the latest technology

By ensuring you’re always upgraded to the latest technology, Cloud Communications help you stay competitive and at the forefront of business communication developments.

Reduce your risks

Cloud Communications feature the built-in resilience and security you need to significantly reduce the risks of damaging downtime.

Free up time

Because your service provider manages and maintains your Cloud Communications solution, you are free to focus on adding more value to your business.

Switching to a hosted phone solution maximises your profitability and unleashes the true potential of your business. The longer your business sticks with an outdated phone system, the more growth opportunities your business will miss out on.

NT Voice & Data Solutions provide the complete  communication solution for businesses UK-wide. We are leading providers of Business Telephone Systems, VoIP, Hosted, SIP, Cloud & Mobile Solutions. 

Talk to our experts today to find the right cloud solution for you.

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