Automate Your Call Centre for CX Success

Automate to Success

Call Centre Automation can save you time and money by using technology to perform tasks that may currently be performed by a human. It can also be used to enhance customer experience (CX) by empowering customers to be able to serve themselves in an effective and satisfying way.  

We aren’t talking about It removing human interaction from the customer journey but allowing call centre agents and automation to be able to work together to reduce workload, take care of repetitive tasks and allocate valuable agent resources to where they are needed most.  

For example, say you had multiple customers phoning your business to check your opening hours. Each time this happens an agent must deal with the query, costing your business time and money. Could you provide a way for your customer to serve themselves without the need for a human interaction? Yes! By implementing a simple menu and providing your business hours as a recorded message you could make it easy for a customer to select to hear your opening hours without the need for a human agent to deal with their request.  

This is just one way automation could be used to save on business processes. In this article we will look at 5 key benefits of call centre automation and how you can implement this in your business. 


5 Key Benefits to Automation

1. Customer Experience 

Customers want to be served quickly and effectively, if you take too long to provide a solution to their requests you may lose their custom. Building tailored customer service experience is a key way to making customers feel valued. By using automation, it is possible to identify the purpose of their call and connect them to the appropriate agent for their query. Speeding along the customer service journey and leaving the customer more satisfied. 

It can take note of customer frustrations and emotions to be able to provide agents with the tools they need to deal best with the current call. This data can also provide feedback to your agents, how they well they are performing and examples of how they can improve. 

2.  Employee Experience

Automating brain-numbing repetitive tasks can improve employee work environment and lead to enhanced work enjoyment. Allowing you to retain staff by providing them with more interesting tasks and boosting productivity. 

3. Error Elimination

Errors can be costly for any business. So, the less chance of errors creeping in – the better! Automating repetitive tasks can eliminate human error and save valuable time and resources. 

4. Out of Hours Service

Customers are becoming more demanding and requiring service all around the clock, not just in business hours. If you cannot provide the service they are wanting at the point of interest then they may get fed up and look elsewhere. Automation can provide a service even when your agents aren’t there, allowing you to provide a service 24/7 and grab those extra sales.

5. Reduced Costs

By automating repetitive tasks and relieving the strain on your work force you can provide the same level of CX whilst at the same time reducing the running costs of your call centre. 

Call Centre Automation and NT Voice & Data 

Each business is unique, so to find out what Call Centre Automation could look like for you In your business contact NT Voice & Data today. We have a selection of tools and software available to help you meet your automation needs. 

One of these tools is NT Studio, which can provide you with professionally recorded welcome messages, menus, and music on hold. If you would like to request a free demo we can guide you through the options and create an automation plan that will save you money!  

Each business may be unique but the benefits of automation are universal! 

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