2023 In Review

This time of year we like to take a look back over the last 12 months and review what we’ve accomplished, so whether you’re taking a well-earned break or still have a few more work days this year, join us with a warming drink as we share a few of our highlights from 2023.

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At the start of 2023 NT were pleased to announce a new partnership with 10-time Gartner Magic Quadrant challenger 8×8.

Their market leading solutions for Unified Comms, as well as customisable, dashboard based analytics provides valuable insight into your business and enhanced customer experience for internal and external customers alike.

Read the announcement HERE, and explore 8×8 capabilities HERE

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The BT Switchoff has been a regular news item over 2023, with the 2025 switchoff date looming. Preparation is the key with this one, and as always, leaving any checks and changes needed to the last minute, just causes stress and panic!

Has your line been upgraded already? How did you find the swap? Could we have done anything differently to make it smoother?
Please let us know, simply fill out the Contact Form HERE with your comments.

Read our latest blog on the BT WLR Switchoff HERE.

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AI technology has been mentioned extensively in 2023, from students using ChatGPT for their homework, to AI Spam Calls on vulnerable people – but can AI be used for good?

With our NT Studio, yes it can! How? Our blog Automate Your Call Centre for CX Success explains all. Read it HERE

But with all this AI business, how can we keep our systems safe? 2FA is everywhere nowadays for that very reason.

Is it necessary? Read our blog HERE and you decide – and don’t forget that we are happy to provide advice on security measures and services to protect yourself and your business, whatever the size or industry.

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Its not all been work related news though!

we also celebrated apprenticeships, awards, 10 years of hard work and dedication with Daniel P, and our annual year end bowling tournament and meal extravaganza!

And last but not least, we reviewed an interview by Wildix with our very own Mark Beardsley, read the highlights HERE.

Its been a year full of experiences and surprises, but we couldn’t do it without you, our customers. So thank you for your confidence you put in us, and thank you to our wonderful team for their hard work in 2023 – we’ll see you all again in 2024!

NT 2023 In Review
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